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Pretty Little Liars Recap: "I'm Your Puppet"

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Spencer (Torian Bellisario) was finally able to have Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Aria (Lucy Hale) visit her on the latest installment of  Pretty Little Liars. She insisted Toby was dead, but everyone else said the body in the woods wasn’t Toby.  Determined to put Spencer’s mind at rest, Emily went to her mother for answers.  

Mrs. Fields confirmed the body wasn’t Toby, but couldn’t say more.  Not satisfied, Emily, Hanna, and Aria broke out their candy striper uniforms, and broke into the morgue to inspect the body.  It wasn’t Toby.


Caleb’s dad, Jamie, was back this week and was accused of stealing the church’s $8,000 bronze bell.  Caleb wouldn’t hear of it, until Hanna reluctantly revealed Jamie stole from the church collection box.  Caleb had it out with his father, who was also fired from the church. Dejected, Jamie left town. Later, A texted Hanna and admitted that they have the church bell and framed Jamie. 

Caleb was heartbroken. Hanna was unsure if she should tell him the truth. 

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Ezra refused to start hiding his relationship with Aria again.  Despite the bed-jumping incident, Aria volunteered to pick Malcolm up from Karate practice.  However, A kidnapped Malcolm, and led Aria to another creepy Rosewood carnival. 

Aria eventually found Malcolm, who was unharmed, but Aria was thoroughly spooked. She heeded A’s warning and told Ezra they had to break up. Using her mother’s advice, she said it was because she didn’t want Malcolm getting hurt now if things don’t work out.  Ezra did not appear to accept being dumped.


Spencer refused to leave Radley, and instead bonded with both Eddie and Wren.  She used both to try and get information about Mona.  The orderly and the doctor don’t like each other, and it’s hinted either or both might be part of the A team. 

Spencer found out CeCe had visited with Mona while she was in Radley. They both had hating Alison in common. Shortly before her death, Alison had gotten CeCe expelled from college. 


Emily’s mom came to her daughter with a secret.  Em had to promise not to say anything to her friends, since the information was extremely sensitive.  Apparently, the police found another body where Spencer said she’d seen Toby’s.

They still needed a positive I.D., but it was going to take a couple days because the body was so battered.  Emily immediately rushed to Hanna and Aria to tell them the shocking news.

Realizing she’s been through too much, Spencer at last decided to align with Mona and become a member of Team A.  How will her friends cope?

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