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What Will Maya Do When She Learns The Truth About Rick on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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Rick (Jacob Young) woke up on Maya’s (Karla Mosley) couch. She shared how she ended up in prison and what happened to her daughter. Rick told her to put on something nice, because he wanted to take her out. Rick took her on a window shopping trip on Rodeo Drive.

The pair kissed romantically on the median between two lanes of traffic. You can tell Rick wants to give Maya her fairytale, but how long can he keep his identity a secret?

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Caroline's (Linsey Godfrey) obsession with Rick's whereabout is playing out as more than a little deranged. She barged into Eric’s (John McCook) office and demanded to know where his son was.

Caroline told Eric that Rick was spending too much time with charity work. When Eric tried to explain his son’s actions by comparing them to his own, she told Eric it sounded like an excuse.  Maybe there’s hope for Caroline yet.

Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Marcus (Texas Battle)  worked out with a punching bag and talked women. Marcus encouraged his brother to go after Maya. I wonder how Rick will respond to a little competition?


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