Has Matt Lauer Lost His Connection With Today’s Audience?


Well, this may explain why Matt Lauer talked about the Ann Curry debacle in an interview with The Daily Beast.  The New York Times published an article Thursday about Today’s ratings decline, Lauer’s plummeting Q Score and if the show’s audience no longer feels a connection to its longtime host.

Reportedly, Lauer’s Q Score has fallen from 19 in June of 2011, when Curry joined Lauer as co-host of Today, to 9 in January of 2013. As if that isn’t bad enough, the New York Times points out NBC and ABC are now analyzing whether-or-not Today’s ratings are better when Lauer is on vacation.

Ms. Curry has been gone for nine months, yet “Today” is still losing to ABC’s “Good Morning America” by about 800,000 total viewers a day. (In the 25-to-54-year-old group, it is losing by fewer than 100,000 viewers.) The ratings are scrutinized now by NBC and ABC for signs that “Today” is stronger on the days when Mr. Lauer is on vacation.