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Were Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Found “Polarizing” by Audiences?

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More details are coming out about the results of ABC’s research into The View’s hosts. US Weekly alleged Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving The View because viewer research found her “too extreme and right wing”, a claim Barbara Walters denies. Now, in a article published by The Hollywood Reporter, it seems the audience study may have found both Hasselbeck and Joy Behar polarizing.

Longtime panelists Behar and Hasselbeck on the left and right, respectively, were deemed too "polarizing," according to several sources. "They're out of sync with the audience," notes one source.

THR points out,

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It's unclear when the co-hosts were made aware of the research, but on March 7, Behar, 70, announced that she will exit View after 16-plus years at the end of her contract this summer.

It’s a sad day when people with differing viewpoints cause so much polarization that audiences tune out. No matter which host’s side your on, there is no denying The View is one of the only places in daytime where such honest conversations happen about the political issues of our day.

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