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SPOILERS: Adam Crashes Victor and Nikki's Wedding Party on The Young and the Restless

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Adam: Sucks to be the Newman outcast these days. Adam learns from his P.I. that someone spotted him dumping the body of Congressman Wheeler’s daughter. Later, Adam bum rushes Victor and Nikki’s wedding with a shocking announcement about dear ol’ dad.


Victor/Nikki: The two finally get married, even though tragedy strikes their wedding reception.

Dylan/Sharon: The war vet is drawn to Faith because she reminds him of a little girl he met while deployed in Afghanistan.  Meanwhile, Faith’s mama does the funniest thing: she gives Dylan advice about his love life! Sharon urges Dylan to face his feelings for Avery and to stick around town.

Chloe/Chelsea: The fashionista realizes her hustler friend slept with Dylan. Chloe pushes Chelsea to trick Dylan into believing he’s the father of her child. Isn’t this something we’ve seen before?

Leslie: The legal diva is an emotional wreck after she visits her father in the big house. Later, she and baby bro Tyler wait for the verdict.

Phyllis/Summer: Red’s baby girl still has her eyes set on Kyle. Phyllis attempts to put the breaks on the crush.

Carmine: He gives Lauren the key to his room.

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Victor/Jack: The two team up.

Spring Tidbits

Victor/Nikki: They join forces with someone shocking, leading to drama for their family.

Ashley/Jack/Phyllis: Look for Ash to be a bit bothered by Ol' Smilin’ Jack being back with Red. 

Dylan/Avery/Nick/Sharon: While Nick and Avery are happy in their relationship, Dylan’s presence will start to cause cracks in their romance. Meanwhile, Sharon’s friendship with Dylan will begin to deepen.

Billy/Victoria: The couple makes huge plans for their future. Look for their decision to have a ripple effect on family members.