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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Rafe shows up at John’s motel room after having been beaten up at the group home.  He decides he’s not going back.  Rafe wants to stay with John.   

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Molly’s worried about Rafe, since she hasn’t heard from him since he went to the group home.  Sam calls and finds out Rafe was in a brawl and left.  She calls John, who informs her Rafe is with him.  Molly insists on checking things out.

Felix is shocked to learn Patrick and AJ are not interested in Liz and Sabrina, respectively. However, both women want to forget about it.  Lucy arrives and is ready to plan The Nurses’ Ball. The others are confused by Lucy's happy state concerning the ball.  Lucy tells them she’s partnered with a charity, and will make sure they hit their target date. Felix reminds her they lost the funding, therefore the ball has been canceled.  

AJ’s upset Ellie hasn’t reconstructed the recipe yet.  It turns out; Spin’s stomach acids destroyed the original paper.  Spin has an idea on how to get Ellie to remember the recipe.  

Starr confesses to Michael that Carly and AJ aren't together. She tells him Carly is trying to put off Todd. 

Todd drops by Carly’s, and tries to convince her to tell him the truth about AJ.  He attempts to bribe Joss for information, but Carly quickly stops him. Todd understands Carly thinks he will hurt her again, but he wants her back.  After Todd leaves, Carly gets an Easter delivery she believes is from Jax, but ends up being from Todd.  Todd watches Carly and Joss from a camera in a bunny. 

Liz runs into Kevin and the two get reacquainted.  Spin, Ellie and AJ soon arrive, and Spin asks for Kevin’s help in hypnotizing Ellie into remembering what she wrote on the paper.

AJ once again tries to explain his situation with Carly to Liz, but she isn't interested in hearing it.  AJ gets a call from Carly to meet her at her house.  

Sam bumps into Todd, and becomes infuriated because he has gotten away with kidnapping her child.  He doesn’t understand Sam's anger, especially since Danny was returned to her.  Sam wonders what Todd would do if something happened to his family. Todd gets another call from his other daughter, Dani.

Lucy insists financing the ball is not an issue, and wants everything done right.  Felix reminds her the ELQ funds have been frozen, but Lucy shows them a check from an anonymous donor.  

Kevin hypnotizes Ellie into remembering what was on the paper.  

Sam and Molly stop by John’s to see Rafe.  John decides Rafe isn’t going back to the group home.  

Todd watches as AJ and Carly discuss how they’re faking their relationship to fool Todd.