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SPOILERS: Oh No! Where Did Lulu Go on General Hospital?


The Pickle Lila Pickle… Who will be the victor? Tracy adds breaking and entering to her list of alleged offenses, looking for the recipe in the lab.  Will Michael end up with secret recipe in the end?  Never turn your back on Tracy. Look for this condiment caper to climax during May Sweeps!

Who else may be putting Spinelli on their payroll? He may be looking into who framed Sabrina.  So who hired the Jackal to clear Betty 2.0’s name? Does Felix think this is Patrick’s way of declaring his feelings for Sabrina? Elizabeth has her say with Patrick over their mutual friend and her crushed heart. Patrick is quick to defend himself, claiming he was truly thrown for a loop with Sabrina’s declaration. Are Patrick and Sabrina on their way?

Where are John and Sam headed?  After a kiss the pair attempts to sort out where their relationship is headed.

Where in the world is Lulu Spencer Falconeri? The grandparents all come together to celebrate baby Falconeri and gush over sonogram pictures.  Scotty isn’t thrilled with the idea, especially when Laura goes without him. A very single Luke will be there.  Surprise! Bobbie Spencer sends the newest Spence-to-be a little gift, but something just isn’t right about it. In the end it appears to be just a gift, but is it?

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Things seem to go downhill from there. Olivia faints and Dante gets her to GH to be checked out. Scotty tells Laura he wants their wedding to happen, now! While Lulu is telling Luke he still has a shot with Laura, Scotty calls with an invite to the wedding at the courthouse. Olivia “sees” Lulu with the gift and urges Dante to go home to her as something terrible is about to happen. Dante finds Lulu out cold, on the floor! As he tries to help her, someone cracks him on the head from behind.  Who grabs Lulu?

Luke? Where’s Lulu? Dante calls Luke and tells him Lulu is missing.  Bobbie returns as the Spencers unite!

Can my supercouple please stand up? As a dieheard Frisco and Felicia fan, their storyline has been pure heaven for me! Maxie and her mom have a heart-to-heart and Felicia admits to loving both Mac and Frisco.  Which team is Maxie on?

Random STUFF… Is Robin getting her hands on a phone aggain? Watch out Britt, Epiphany is looking for you.  Does Elizabeth offer A.J. a second shot at a price? Grams is back and she’s not confined to the driveway or Disney World. Is Milo sweet on Sabrina? Felix just might be a little jealous over that. One veteran return is bound to be Trouble, capital T intended. A new detective hits town in the hunt for Lulu. Will Olivia become a psychic for the PCPD?

I can’t wait for the Nurse’s Ball! The cast has been tweeting nonstop about how much fun they’re having on set and how great it is to all be together. I love it when the cast is this enthusiastic!