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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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AJ’s not happy about being summoned to Carly’s, but she’s worried Todd will keep digging until he finds out the truth about them.  She asks AJ to make another public appearance with her, but AJ wants out due to the charade already messing up his relationship with Liz.  Carly drops a line about ELQ and the missing heir. She informs AJ she told Luke the heir's identity. Carly warns if Luke finds the heir first, Tracy will win.  

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John decides he wants Rafe to stay with him in some kind of permanent fashion. Sam points out it is a huge responsibility, but John believes Rafe needs the help.  

Dante’s ready to pick up Olivia for a family gathering, but she’s not interested in going. It seems she’s still upset about losing Steven.  Dante tells her the gathering is to show the grandparents the sonogram of the baby, and he wants his mother there.  

Luke stops by Lulu’s for the family gathering, and asks about the ice princess.  Lulu reveals she hasn’t received anything else.  Luke still thinks Scotty sent it.  Lulu asks about Anna, and Luke tells her that he and Anna are done.  She wonders if he told Laura. 

Scotty finds Laura looking through an old photo album, and wonders why she's doing it.  She tells him she’s looking for baby pictures of Lulu to bring to the gathering.  Scotty wonders if she’ll tell Luke about seeing Anna kiss Duke. He reminds her they agreed not to get involved.  Laura has no plans to tell Luke, and doesn’t want Scotty to join in on the festivities. Laura stresses this is her mother-daughter time with Lulu.  

Scotty decides to propose again, and gets down on one knee with a ring.  Laura accepts his proposal. 

Lucy runs into Todd, and makes small talk about their time in and out of Ferncliff.  She tells him the Nurse’s Ball is back on, and wants him to buy a table.  Todd tells her about Carly making up a boyfriend, and he knows it’s a charade.  

Alexis gets to the motel, and breaks the news to John that child services will not allow Rafe to live with John. Unfortunately, John doesn’t meet the requirements, and she needs to take Rafe back to the group home.  Molly’s upset, and Alexis says there are rules. She takes Rafe away.    

Scott runs into Lucy, and tells her that he’s back with Laura. However, when he proposed the first time, she had to come back to Port Charles to see if there was anything left. Lucy wonders if Laura accepted, because she thought Luke was with Anna.  Scotty asks if he should tell Laura the truth, but Lucy feels some lies are worth it. Lucy thinks if he loves Laura, he should keep it to himself and marry Laura right away.  

Laura, Olivia and Dante arrive at the apartment.  Lulu shows them the sonogram, and both grandmothers gush over the photo.  Olivia’s happy it’s not a dog, which confuses the Spencer’s.  Everyone hugs, including Luke and Laura. 

Laura and Lulu look at her childhood photos. Lulu shares her feelings about watching Maxie carry her baby, but Laura reassures her everything will be fine in the end.  Laura tells Lulu about seeing Anna and Duke kissing, but Lulu says its okay, since Luke and Anna have broken up.  Lulu wonders if that makes a difference to Laura. 

Todd barges in on Carly and AJ, and insists that in order to move on, he needs them to prove they love each other. He wants to see them have sex.  Carly balks at Todd's request. Todd pulls apart the bunny, and shows her that he’s been spying on her.  Carly tries to spin things and say she knew the camera was there, and was playing along the whole time. Carly wants AJ to back her up.  AJ says he’s out, and leaves. 

Todd understands Carly’s need to push him away, but he promises has no more secrets. Todd wants them to be honest with each other.  Todd admits Carly is his only friend, and he needs her in his life.  He asks her to stop fighting herself.  They kiss.

Luke asks Dante about Helena, but Dante says there is no sign of her. Luke wants Dante to look into Scotty as well.  Olivia finds a gift outside for Lulu.  Lulu reads the note, which is from Bobbie. However, Luke is suspicious and tells her not to touch it.  

John is angry he let Rafe down, and messed up everyone’s life.  Sam assures him that she, Rafe and Danny are alive because of John. She knows he’s a good man.  The two kiss.