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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke doesn’t think Lulu's gift is from Bobbie, and speculates Helena or Scotty sent it. Olivia hears the gift ticking, and everyone decides to leave the apartment. However, Lulu gets a call from Bobbie, and discovers the gift is a teddy bear with a clock on it.  

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Todd tells Carly to put her fears to rest, but she doesn’t trust him.  He swears he will share everything with her, including the bad stuff. Still, Carly doesn't want to take him back. Carly believes they’re too much alike, and will destroy each other.  She says she drives away all the men, and doesn’t want to do that with him.  Carly decides she can’t be with Todd, and whatever they had is over.  Todd doesn’t regret a moment they shared together. Carly tells him to walk away.  The two kiss before he leaves. 

Liz and Felix avoid AJ at the hospital, and head over to The Floating Rib for drinks.  Liz doesn’t understand why AJ would go back to Carly, and swears he’ll never get close to her again.

Michael and Starr rejoice over Ellie remembering the chemical composition of the missing ingredient.  Michael informs AJ of the good news, but he’s not as enthused as Michael would have expected.  Michael and Starr make love, and then she gets a phone call.  Starr declares she has to leave Port Charles. 

Lucy wants Scotty to get married right away, before Laura finds out the truth about Luke.  Scotty decides he needs a marriage license, but the clerk says he’s too late for the day.  Lucy spots the mayor and mentions the clerk’s office being closed. She tells the mayor about Scotty's predicament, and needs her to help him. The mayor refuses, and Lucy gets creative. She threatens to have Todd write a scathing article on the mayor, which would cost the mayor her job. Lucy continues and tells the mayor she would keep her mouth shut to Todd, if Scotty can get a marriage license immediately.  

Sam and John kiss and head to the bed, but Sam decides she can’t do it.  The two commiserate that their timing was never right.   John hopes she doesn’t regret anything. Sam admits he saved her life and helped deliver her son. She assures John that he never failed her.  John tells her to cherish everyday, and the two kiss before Sam leaves.

Olivia eyes the clock and reacts to it by fainting.  Dante decides to take her to the hospital to be checked out.  After they leave, Lulu brings up the fact that Luke is now single to Laura.  Laura admits to seeing Luke and Anna kissing.  Luke tells her she saw them the night they ended it.  Laura gets a call from Scotty, and heads out.  Lulu asks her father if it’s possible Laura only agreed to marry Scotty because Luke was off the market.  

AJ shows up at The Floating Rib and swears he’s not with Carly.  He explains Carly’s plan, and Liz wonders why he went along with it.  AJ admits Carly had information he wanted, but he soon came to his senses and bailed.  He apologizes for lying, and asks for a second chance.  Liz accepts his invitation for one more date on the condition he performs a number with her at The Nurses’ Ball.  AJ happily agrees. 

Laura arrives at the courthouse, and Scotty declares their getting married tonight.