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Top 5 Moments From Once Upon A Time's "Welcome to Storybrooke"

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Magic always comes with a price. It seems the citizens of Storybrooke have forgotten this all-important lesson. One of the town’s youngest members may be the one to school them! Check out the Top 5 Moments from Once Upon A Time’s “Welcome to Storybrooke”.


Storybrooke’s First Days

The show opened with an unknown father and son camping in the woods. Suddenly, the weather spiraled out of control, and they were forced to take shelter in their tent. A huge cloud of green and purple smoke surrounded them, which could only mean a magical curse. It turned out, the father and son duo were caught in the curse from Season One, and wandered into Storybrooke.

As Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) welcomed the pair into town, Regina (Lana Parrilla) celebrated the success of her curse. The Evil Queen walked through town, amazed by the sights before her. She made sure the curse was in perfect working order by bringing Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) to visit a coma ridden David (Josh Dallas) to see if she recognized him. When she didn’t, Regina smiled from ear to ear.

She visited Granny’s for a meal and flirted with Sheriff Graham (Mercy, I’ve missed that beautiful man). While eating she ran into the mysterious father and son. Regina immediately felt threatened by their presence. She didn’t want anyone or thing getting in the way of her precious curse. However, after the young boy gave Regina a keychain as a gift, her attitude changed. She even invited the father and son, Kurt (John Pyper-Ferguson) and Owen Flynn (Steve Makaj), over for dinner at her house. She bonded with the boy and asked them stay in town. When they refused, Regina’s evil ways came back into play.

She grabbed Graham’s heart from her vault, and spoke to it. She gave him orders to stop the father and son from leaving Storybrooke. Apparently, if someone speaks directly to the heart, it controls the person. I find that very interesting. Anyways, when Regina turned around after having words with the heart, Kurt was standing before her. He heard the whole thing, and didn’t want any trouble. He tried to leave, but Graham pinned him down. Kurt knocked Graham’s heart on the ground, and Graham winced in pain. Kurt escaped and jumped into his car, where Owen was waiting for him. They raced out of town, while Graham and Regina chased them.

At the last second, Graham and Regina cut them off, and Kurt yelled at his son to run. Owen gripped a keychain his father gave him, and Kurt told him he would always be with him. Owen reluctantly ran over the town line as his father instructed, leaving Kurt to Regina’s wrath. When Owen returned with the police later on, the town was nowhere to be found. He sobbed and vowed to find his father before leaving with the officers. Whatever happened to Owen?


The Curse of The Empty Hearted

A distraught Regina angrily combed through her mother’s things. She ended up finding a slip of paper with a spell on it. Later on, Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) and David viewed the aftermath of Regina’s rage on her mother’s belongings. Mr. Gold discovered two magical ingredients missing from a box of potions. He concluded Regina wanted to cast The Curse of The Empty Hearted on someone, probably Henry (Jared S. Gilmore).

Gold returned to the Charming’s apartment with David, and explained to Mary Margaret and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) the curse makes someone think they love another person.  As the adults discussed the matter at hand, Henry descended down the stairs and knew Regina planned to use the curse on him. Gold informed the boy he was partly correct, but Regina also desired revenge on Mary Margaret for Cora (Barbara Hershey). Gold continued and told everyone the last thing Regina needed to enact the curse was the heart of the person she hates the most. In this case, the person is Mary Margaret. Emma pleaded with Gold to stop Regina, but he wasn’t hearing it. Gold felt he had done his duty by simply warning them.

By this time, Henry had heard enough, and ran off. Will Mary Margaret fall prey to The Curse of The Empty Hearted?

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Henry’s Wise Words

After he attempted to rid Storybrooke of magic with dynamite, Henry found himself in the middle of an argument between Regina, David, Emma and Neal (Michael Raymond-James). Emma told Regina if she wanted to kill Mary Margaret, she would have to go through the three of them. Regina didn’t have a problem with that, and conjured up a fireball into her hand. Suddenly, Henry stood between Regina and the trio, and ordered them to stop. Neal shouted at Henry to move, but he refused until someone helped him get rid of magic in Storybrooke. Emma and Regina informed Henry magic wasn’t the problem, but he believed otherwise.

The young boy pointed out how magic has ruined everything and everyone in the small town. Henry pled with Regina to help him purge magic from Storybrooke, because it was destroying his family. Regina admitted she couldn’t help him, but did burn the paper with The Curse of The Empty Hearted on it in the fireball in her hand. Henry thanked Regina and left with Emma, Neal and David. Will Regina be able to figure out a way to have everything she wants and Henry?


Mary Margaret’s Plea to Regina

A broken Mary Margaret visited Regina. She asked Regina to kill her. Regina couldn’t believe her ears, and waited for Mary Margaret to explain herself. Mary Margaret felt they had been through so much over the years, and their feud needed to end before another life is lost. She begged Regina to kill her with open arms. Regina knew Henry would never forgive her, and mentioned never learning from her mistakes.

Without hesitation, Regina ripped Mary Margaret’s heart from her chest. She turned it around and showed it to her. In the center on the red heart, a black swirling dot could clearly be seen. Snow blamed the dark spot in her heart on Regina, but Regina begged to differ. Regina informed Mary Margaret the darkness is of her own doing. She warned once someone blackens their heart, it only grows darker and darker.

Mary Margaret urged Regina to crush her heart, but Regina wouldn’t give Mary Margaret the satisfaction. Regina told Mary Margaret she didn’t need to destroy her anymore, because she’s doing it to herself. Regina also taunted Mary Margaret’s precious family would crumble during her descent into darkness. Regina vowed Henry would be hers, thanks to Mary Margaret. Regina shoved Mary Margaret’s heart back into her chest, and ordered the beauty off of her porch. How will Mary Margaret escape the darkness growing in her heart?


Greg’s True Identity is Revealed

Throughout the episode, Greg (Ethan Embry) was shown in various places around town. He ended up in the right place at the right time, getting video footage of Mary Margaret and Regina’s heart conversation. Greg ran to his car and put the keys into the ignition. He gripped a key chain before starting the car. In a twist, it was the same keychain young Owen held so tightly before running away. Greg is actually Owen looking for his father. Will Owen find his father?