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GH's Tony Geary on Luke's Missing Daughter: "Lulu is His Baby Girl"

Lulu's disappearance (Which also marks Julie Marie Berman's exit) will have the Spencer clan mobilizing this week on General Hospital. Who will be most determined to find Mrs. Falconeri? Her proud papa, of course!


In the March 18-April 1 issue of ABC Soaps In Depth, Anthony Geary revealed how Lulu's crisis will impact Luke. Said Geary:

"It's really hard for him," says Anthony Geary (Luke) of the situation. "Lulu is his baby girl. She's the princess, the cupcake, the gumdrop."

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That sounds like a lot of carbs, Tony. Sorry, still doing Atkins...

Look for Luke's baby sister Barbara Jean (Jackie Zeman) to return on Thursday, March 21 to help her bro in his time of need. Wait a minute. Her daughter Carly (Laura Wright) has had 305,722 crises since we last saw Bobbie in Port Chuck, but a missing niece is all it takes to bring a hooker-turned-nurse home? We'll take it.

Photo credit: ABC