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Jeanne Cooper on Y&R's Newbies: "They're Good at Taking Off Their Clothes, So There's Always Porn"

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Leave it to Jeanne Cooper to always keep it 100 percent real when she chats about The Young and the Restless. TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan talked shop with the Y&R vet, who shared her thoughts on Kay's recent health scare.  

TV Guide Magazine: Neither do you. Word is, you're not happy with these strange symptoms Mrs. C is experiencing.

Cooper: The writers want you to think it's Alzheimer's and it's driving the audience crazy. It'll turn out to be a benign something or other. But if it was Alzheimer's, I wouldn't have played it.

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Alrighty then! The fiesty Cooper also had some tough words for the new, younger castmembers on Y&R

TV Guide Magazine: How are you handling the invasion of newbies on Y&R?

Cooper: I tell these kids they better show up fully prepared, lines learned, or they're outta here. It's amazing how much these young ones don't know. They don't have the training we did. [Laughs] But, hey, they're good at taking off their clothes, so there's always porn. 

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