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Kristina Wagner Reveals How GH Girlfriends And 'The Good Wife' Got Her Through Jack Wagner's Return

General Hospital's Kristina Wagner has been open about initially being uneasy about reuniting onscreen with real and reel life ex-husband Jack Wagner. In the March 25 issue of Soap Opera Digest, the actress shared how good, on set galpals—and the CBS primetime soap The Good Wife—helped her get through Frisco and Felicia reconnecting in Port Charles. Said Wagner:


"I don't think it would have happened had it not been for the love and support I've gotten from fellow castmates, especially women," she declares. "I have learned through this whole life here in Hollywood and on General Hospital, how to ask for help. If you need help, ask for it! And you gotta make sure you ask the right people. And in my case, on the set, just with regards to stuff at General Hospital, I ask the women who are my age. These women who have come back have been very loving and supportive and I think they mean the best. So I'm feeling grateful for all of these women who talk to me when I need to talk about it, Lynn [Herring, Lucy] and Finola [Hughes, Anna], all of them. Anybody who is my age [laughs]. Nothing against the younger generation; I love them dearly!"

In the article, Wagner also credited her brother for turning her on to The Good Wife, a legal drama with a fractured marital relationship at its center. The things we go through to reunite a supercouple. Kudos to both Wagners for making it work and giving fans their Frisco and Felicia back! 

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