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Pretty Little Liars Recap: "A dAgerous gAme"


The Season 3 finale of Pretty Little Liars promised lots of answers, but delivered more questions. Spencer (Torian Bellisario) was out of Radley, and instead of being catatonic-crazy, she was more like a Stepford Teen.

Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and to a lesser degree Hanna (Ashley Benson), each tried to be understanding because of Toby’s death. The Liars also agreed to attend Spencer’s odd Welcome Home/Congrats on Not Being Crazy party. 

The party was a ruse for Team A to lure all the Liars to a cabin, so “Red Coat” could toy with them.  Hanna went undercover as Malcolm’s babysitter. She discovered Spencer had been the friend of Aria’s who’d pretended to be Alison, and kidnapped him last week. 

She immediately told the other girls, who decided to set a trap to see which side Spencer was really on.  Hanna, wearing a red coat and passing for the real Red Coat, lured Spencer away to Emily and Aria. They knew she was investigating A to find out Red Coat’s identity. 


Spencer revealed she’d joined Mona’s A Team as a double agent, after Mona revealed Toby was alive. Spencer had secretly met with Toby, who said he’d only infiltrated the A Team, and went along with faking his own death so he could get close to Mona and discover Red Coat’s identity too. 

Spencer was upset about Toby's treatment of her (she landed in the crazy house afterall!) for about two seconds.  Then, Spoby hit the sheets.  One of Rosewood's most beloved couples was definitely back on.

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Aria broke up with Ezra—for real this time—so he could take the teaching job at Rosewood. She also acknowledged that they hadn’t been working as a couple, since Ezra discovered his son. Ezra thought maybe after Aria graduated, they could resume their love affair. 

Ezra once again became Aria’s teacher, and the pair shared a final, passionate kiss in the hallway —a very long, passionate kiss. They’re seriously lucky no one caught them! 


Shawna was back and flirting with Emily, who was uninterested. She was also doing some major scamming on Spencer, and none on Hanna, which greatly annoyed the vain blonde. Later, Emily spied Jenna, Shawna and Melissa having a secret rendezvous about making “those bitches” pay.  They either previously or currently were Team A members. 

It was also revealed Jenna’s eyesight would deteriorate into blindness, and that Shawna is her secret girlfriend. 


The night of her faux party, Spencer went to a Team A clubhouse to wait with Mona and Toby for Red Coat, while the other girls secretly snuck in. They planned to confront their stalker once and for all.  Spencer and Toby heard a plane, and went to see who’d landed, while the other girls snuck up and surprised Mona. 

Someone lit the house on fire, trapping the four girls inside. Toby was knocked unconscious, so Spencer was left wandering alone.  Red Coat then appeared to pull Aria, Emily, Mona and Hanna from the ruined building.  Hanna and Mona swore they recognized Alison as their savior. Spencer said she saw her too.  Was Alison still alive? 


On their way back into town, Mona confessed she’d never known who Red Coat was, but was scared of him or her. They spied Wilden’s cop car, somehow towed out of the lake. The Liars watched the surveillance video of Ashley running Wilden over, and were shocked to see it later show Jenna and Melissa saving the detective.  Have they all been in cahoots since the beginning?

Spencer noticed something strange about the trunk. They went to investigate.  Each girl got a threatening text from A, which spooked them.  Before they could delve into a convo about Alison not being dead, they popped open the trunk and screamed bloody murder.

What was in that trunk?! 

Photo Credit: ABC Family