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SPOILERS: Luke and Laura Unite to Find Lulu on General Hospital!


Ugly duckling to swan… Nurse Betty, um Sabrina finally has her transformation.  Does this make Patrick see what’s been in front of him all along?  Will he finally spill his guts to Sabrina or will something stop him?  Elizabeth wants Patty to put himself and his feelings first, while Milo wants to know if the good doc is interested in the nurse. He’s willing to back off, if that’s the case. 

A new Metro Court?  Well the ballroom anyways. Carly shows off the renovated digs, and Lucy loves it!  Speaking of Lucy… will the emcee of the Ball lose her clothes again? RUMOR has it she will! 

Rock on, Rock Star…Rick Springfield will perform! Dr. Noah Drake takes the stage, but what about my favorite rocker currently residing in good ol' Port Charles? Will Jack Wagner, er, Frisco Jones pick up a microphone?  Frisco is definitely trying to win back Felicia’s affections. I say, sing, Frisco, sing!

Programming Note… the Nurses Ball kicks off on Friday, April 5 and will continue on the following Monday and Tuesday.  Yep, it covers three shows!

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Shooting? With the mob sidelined lately, I totally forgot that guns go off in Port Charles. RUMOR has it shots will be ringing out, and someone winds up catching a bullet. Is it Shawn?  Will Dante catch the shooter? Dante, shouldn’t you be preoccupied looking for Lulu?

Parents unite! They may not be back together in the romantic sense, but Luke and Laura are off to find their daughter. Ah, nothing is better than a little Spencer Caper.  Will they be hot on Helena’s trail? Who else may pop up along the way?  Someone who really wants Lasha, I mean Laura, perhaps? 

Talk, talk, talking in your sleep, Maxie Jones… It looks like there may be some babbling about babies that belong to Spinelli.  Will the baby daddy happen to hear?

Who’s knocking on my door?  Jax drops in on Carly.  Brenda pops in on Sonny.  Monica has a few visitors.

Random STUFF… Which relationship from Elizabeth’s past has AJ’s panties in a bunch?  Does Rafe ditch that group home, again?  Spinelli gets another job, courtesy of AJ.  He wants him to locate the missing Q.  Scotty tells Bobbie it’s all her fault that Luke came to Port Charles all those years ago.  Who is Carly messing with at the Nurses Ball? Dante asks Olivia to team up with her psychic skills and help find his missing bride. 

Will three characters soon descend on Port Charles with very familiar faces?