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CBS Daytime Boss Angelica McDaniel: "We Know Soaps Are Here to Stay"


Don't write the soap opera's obituary just yet. CBS Daytime Vice-President Angelica McDaniel believes the genre is sticking around!

Here's what the exec, who supervises The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful,said about the One Life to Live and All My Children reboots in the latest edition ofSoap Opera Uncensored:

“From a business development, it’s really interesting to see how they do. Even as a great case study to see how the shows will be received by the fans. Dramas have passionate, hard-core fans so it will be great to see how these shows will hold up in a new medium. It’s also great to have more proof to the naysayers who said soaps were dead just even a few months ago — let alone a year ago. Actually, that’s not true: all four soaps are up in the ratings across the networks and we have two soaps coming online. We know soaps are here to stay. They thrive in daytime, prime time, cable and now the Internet.”

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A network suit who is actually on the side of soap fans? I could pinch myself.

Photo credit: CBS