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Do The Talk's Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler "Get Along"?

Sheryl Underwood is sick and doggone tired of people trying to pit successful sistahs against one another! In a recent joint interviewwith fellow The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler forEbony, Underwood sounded off about the misconception that two black women can't get along at work. Said Underwood:


"People always ask, 'How do y'all get along?" says Underwood. "What kind of question is that? People always want to create that dynamic among black women. We're confident with ourselves. When people see us on the show and we have a debate or rebuttal, they think it's bad. But it's really an energy. That is culturally how our people do it. It sounds like an argument, but that's passion."

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Tell 'em, Sheryl! For more of what Underwood and Tyler had to say about being working comedians and talk show hosts, pick up the April 2013 issue of Ebony.

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