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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Laura is shocked when Scotty announces his desire to get married right away.  She wanted something special, but Scotty informs her that he already has the license. He also tells her Lucy will be the maid of honor.  Laura says she wanted Lulu in that role.  Scotty wonders if she’s hesitating because of Luke.  Laura mentions Luke isn’t with Anna, and then realizes Scotty was lying to her all along. He knew the truth about Luke and Anna. Scotty claims he panicked, but swears he loves her. He wonders if she will still marry him.  

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Lulu declares Laura still has feelings for Luke, but Luke argues she loves Scotty now. He knows they are done.  Scotty calls Lulu, and tells her to get down to the courthouse for the wedding.  Lulu tries again to convince her father to go after Laura, and stop the wedding.  Luke says they’re going in different directions, and he’s not Laura’s keeper. Lulu mentions Scotty could be dangerous for Laura, but Luke feels it’s up to Laura to find that out.  

Carly and Sam discuss their respective break ups.  Carly admits it hurt to walk away from Todd, but knows they would have destroyed each other.  Sam believes the timing was never right with John, and the guilt of how they came together would have torn them apart.  Sam admits Carly deserved better than Todd.  Carly counters by saying Jason would want Sam to be happy.  Carly is glad she made the decision not to destroy her life.  Sam tells her to choose better next time, and then confesses she misses John.  

Anna shows up at John’s motel, and tells him the bureau is recalling him for a case.  John points out he’s no longer in the FBI, but Anna informs John he has no choice. He's being called back tonight.   John asks her to keep an eye on Rafe while he’s gone.   Anna asks about Sam, but John tells her they’re done.  John pulls out a bottle, and the two toast to each other.  Anna begs him to be safe on his assignment. 

Lucy wants Kevin to stand up for Scotty, but he has no interest in doing it.  Lucy swears there’s nothing between her and Scotty, and begs Kevin to do this for her.  When Kevin complains to Mac, Mac takes Lucy side. Kevin eventually agrees to Lucy's request.    

Michael is surprised Starr has to go to LA right away.  Soon, Todd arrives in an angry mood because Carly dumped him.  Starr understands why Carly did it, and Todd apologizes to his daughter for screwing up. However, he doesn’t want to lose her too. Starr tells her father she’s leaving for LA, so Todd offers to take her in his jet because he’s on his way to Llanview. Todd asks Michael to tell Carly he may not be back.  Starr promises Michael she’ll be back. 

Dante and Olivia explain her dizzy spell to Patrick.  He agrees to run some tests. While she’s waiting, Olivia has a vision of the bear with the clock ticking. She admits to Dante that it felt ominous.  Patrick returns and informs them the tests are all negative. He thinks Olivia hasn’t been taking care of herself.  Olivia tells Dante to go home and check on the bear.  

Laura agrees to marry Scotty.  Lucy and Kevin arrive and are ready to stand up for them.  Laura says they’re waiting for Lulu.  Luke arrives at the courthouse.  

Lulu changes for the courthouse, and is surprised to find Luke gone.  The bear rings and Lulu passes out.