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Why Hope Needs to Let Vargas Break Her Back on Days of Our Lives

There may be no greater task in soapdom than existing as the remaining half of a mega popular supercouple. As a rule, fans have a hard time seeing characters that represent 50 percent of a beloved squish name moving on. What generally happens when one half of a famed pairing leaves the show, is their former screen partner is either left dwindling in the fictional winds, or paired off with someone else with little forethought (Remember Days of Our Lives' Kayla and Shane?)

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As the ultimate fan of DAYS' Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso)—this used to be my cellphone ringtone—I've held out hope that TPTB would come to terms with Reckell, so that Beauregard could finally come downstairs from tucking Ciara in bed, or wherever he is, and reunite with his Fancy Face. Since that doesn't appear to be happening any time soon, I have come to the bittersweet realization that it's time for my fav-o-rite Salem, U.S.A. heroine to move on with her soap operatic life.

It isn't fair to Alfonso to have Hope running around town, serving as everyone's nosy cousin/aunt. The actress is still much too sexy and viable for that. It's also a tad bit insulting to Bo and Hope's legend to always have him in the other room, or off visiting Shawn, Belle and Claire. Bo Brady needs a right and proper exit storyline. It's the only way Bope fans can move on with the days of our lives.

On Wednesday's episode, I noticed quite the spark between Hope and ex-con Vargas (Sean Douglas). I know the villainous character is meant to serve as a tormentor for Hope's cousin Nick (Blake Berris), whom he shared a questionable relationship with in jail, but I think Vargas would smolder in a forbidden romance with Hope. A noble-yet-sultry cop seeing the good in an equally sexy, career criminal—who can't yet see it in himself—could be good television.

Many a DAYS character started off vile, yet morphed into leading man material. Steve "Patch" Johnson (Stephen Nichols) was a dirtbag when he first arrived in Salem, U.S.A.  Maybe Hope's good loving can do for Vargas what Kayla Brady's (Mary Beth Evans) "Sweetness" did for Patch?

I know it's soap opera sacrilege to speak of Hope being penetrated by anyone else but Bo—despite the fact that Bo has hooked up with plenty of other brunettes over the decades—but when practically everyone else in Salem is having red-hot sex except for Hope, something is amiss. My girl needs some Vargas in her life.