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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Scotty accuses Luke of causing trouble, and wants to throw him out.  Luke feels Laura can do better, but isn’t there to stop anything.  The two argue until Kevin stops them.  Luke says Scotty is not the right man for Laura, so Laura asks him who is.  Luke tells her anyone but Scotty. 

Dante finds Lulu unconscious, then gets knocked out by someone himself.  When he comes to, Lulu is gone.  Dante calls Luke and informs him Lulu is missing.  Luke updates everyone on Lulu's current predicament, and accuses Scotty of being behind it. Scotty denies any involvement.  

Mac complains to Duke about Frisco being in town, and what it’s doing to Felicia.  He expresses his discontent about her lying and avoiding him.  Duke assures Mac that Felicia loves him, but Mac knows he can’t compete with Frisco.  Duke tells Mac his own story about the counterfeit money, and Anna breaking up with him.  Mac tells him not to give up on Anna yet.  

Felicia talks to Anna about Frisco, and how he wants her back. She mentions how they took a trip down memory lane, and she’s been hanging onto her wedding photo.  Felicia says she’s with Mac now, and can count on him.  She's upset she missed out on her children’s lives, because she was chasing Frisco.  She feels it’s too late for them, but wonders why she can’t stop thinking about him. 

Anna pulls out her own wedding photo, and explains what happened with Duke and the counterfeit money.  She worries her feelings for him are 20 years in the past.    

Frisco visits Maxie to tell her that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to pass off the baby as Lante’s.  Maxie reminds him he promised not to say anything, and Frisco swears he won't. However, he points out Maxie is giving a part of her self away.  Maxie admits she isn’t ready to be a mother, and brings up Spin being in a relationship with someone else.  She’s happy that Lulu and Dante are excited. 

Maxie wonders why Frisco is so concerned, since he was never interested in being a father. She asks why he’s really here.  Frisco wants another chance with her and Felicia. Maxie is surprised, and mentions Felicia being with Mac. She knows her mother doesn’t want to hurt Mac.  Frisco vows his feelings are real, and believes Felicia is happier with him.  Frisco declares he’ll fight for Felicia. 

Ellie asks Spin whether he’s interested in having a baby someday.  Spin admits he would love to, but Ellie decides she doesn’t want to bring a child into this world.  She hopes this isn’t a deal breaker for him, but Spin is sure she’ll change her mind someday.  

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Felicia goes to the bar, and confesses to Mac she had dinner with Frisco. She swears it was only to tell him to leave town. Mac knows Frisco wants her back, and wonders how she feels about it.  Frisco arrives, and Mac punches him in the face. 

Dante fills in Anna on the Lulu situation.  She has the bear taken away to forensics. Laura and Luke arrive, concerned about Lulu.