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SPOILERS: Will Former Flames Re-Ignite on General Hospital?


Unrequited Phone Call?  Sabrina, did Patrick call you and you left him hanging?  Elizabeth takes her friend to task for missing a key opportunity.

I need some comfort too… with Jason at the bottom of the harbor, who will be there to help Elizabeth get through the anniversary of Jake MORGAN’S death?  Grandma Monica.  Is this what shocks AJ? Did he not know about his nephew?

A new cook is in the house!  The Quartermaine’s hire a replacement for the dearly departed cook. Well, Tracy does anyways, much to everyone’s surprise.

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A 50th nod… As new interns start at General Hospital, Epiphany begins the tour of the hospital with Patrick telling them about the history in the hallowed halls and the late, great Dr. Steve Hardy.

Former Flames Re-ignite?  Sonny and Carly get a shock. Hmmmm…. Could these tidbits possibly be related?  Will Carly and Sonny’s heads go clink-boom when Brenda and Jax return to town, at the same time?

Mac and Frisco, Battle of the Bands… Felicia is serenaded by both men in her life, in hopes that her heart can be won in song.

Speaking of singing… RUMOR has it Epiphany takes the stage and she sings, I mean she SINGS!

Ethan Lovett?  Is he back on U.S. soil?  RUMORS are a rampant that Ethan COULD be a pawn in Helena’s plans, and by pawn I mean her puppet.  Could it be that Helena finally pulled one over on her nemesis Luke, by getting his own son to switch teams?

RANDOM stuff… Luke saves Laura. Is Sam finally getting a ‘Who’s My Daddy’ storyline?  I feel like I’ve been writing about that one for YEARS!  RUMOR has it, Sam starts to think about her son growing up without his dad and she starts for looking for answers about her own father.  Well Sam, you are P.I., it’s about time.  May Sweeps! They are right on the heels of the 50th celebration and Nurse’s Ball, so there is no slowing this GH train down. It’s full steam ahead and all aboard!