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Will Blair Bring Up General Hospital's Carly to Todd on One Life to Live?

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Carolyn Hinsey caught up with One Life to Live’sKassie DePaiva and chatted about what’s in store for Blair and Todd (Roger Howarth) when the soap returns on April 29. When asked if Todd’s relationship with General Hospital’s Carly (Laura Wright) will come up, DePaiva had this to say.

Carolyn: Does OLTL address Todd’s relationship with Carly on GH?

Kassie: We don’t mention Carly, but I only have this week’s scripts. I would love for that to happen. What I am playing is, ‘I love Todd but I know he has slept with Carly.’ That has not been addressed, but I’m playing it. Blair and Todd have always been so terribly jealous of any other relationship, so it’s embryonic. I hope they address that Blair knows: ‘Why don’t you go home to your blah-blah girlfriend, Todd?!’

Read the entire interview at Tainted Dreams.

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