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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Dante accuses Scotty of taking Lulu, but Lucy informs him Scotty was with her at the courthouse the whole time. She thinks Dante is wasting precious time looking for Lulu blaming Scotty. Dante swears vengeance against Scotty, if he had anything to do Lulu’s disappearing act.  

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The police are setting up a phone tap at Dante’s, while Luke and Laura wait for any word on Lulu.  Bobbie arrives and offers her help.  Luke explains about the duplicate bears, and Bobbie’s concerned someone was watching her as well.  Luke blames Scotty, but Bobbie doesn’t believe it. She's surprised to hear Scotty and Laura are engaged. 

Felix and Sabrina are graduating.   Britt is surprised to see them in their graduation robes, and Felix tells her Sabrina was framed.  Epiphany asks to speak to Britt.  Felix and Sabrina discuss whether Patrick will show up.  

Liz arrives at Patrick’s to take them to the graduation, but Patrick admits only Emma is going. Unfortunately, he has to work.  Liz accuses him of avoiding Sabrina, and mentions their almost kiss on New Year’s Eve.  Patrick isn't ready for a relationship, but Liz thinks Robin would have approved of Sabrina.  

Maxie has a nightmare that Lulu knew the truth about the baby.  Spin hears her yelling about not him not wanting the baby, just as she wakes up.  Spin thinks she overheard him and Ellie discussing the issue. He confesses he wants a family. 

Pif tells Britt she knows Britt was the one who framed Sabrina, and shows her evidence of her fingerprints being found on the locker, the test and the administration cabinet. Britt reminds Epiphany she has no jurisdiction over her, and will make her life complicated. However, Epiphany doesn't back down, which leaves Britt a bit taken aback. Pif gloats she’s telling Monica about Britt's actions. 

Scotty decides to be with Laura, so Lucy is left to give out "Lulu Is Missing" flyers.  She runs into Dr. Obrecht. Lucy goes on about how insane it is to take someone, and Dr. Obrecht says maybe the person is just evil.  

Britt angrily tells Sabrina she’ll pay for what’s happened.  Sabrina thanks Epiphany for all her help.  Pif mentions Patrick paid for the investigation. Liz and Emma get to the hospital, and Sabrina is disappointed when Patrick isn’t with them.

Britt runs into Dr. Obrecht in the park, and utters a "Hello" to her mother. 

Dante goes to Maxie’s, and updates her on the Lulu situation.  He asks if she saw anything out of the ordinary when she was with Lulu.  Dante promises to find his wife.  Maxie asks what she can do, and he tells her to take care of the baby.  

Luke’s not happy when Scotty shows up at the apartment, and the two get into it.  Laura and Bobbie are forced to break them up.  Bobbie drags Scotty away, and Laura tells Luke they need to focus on the Cassadine angle.  

There’s a knock on the door, and Nikolas walks in. He and Laura hug.