Is The Banner in Danger of Folding on One Life to Live?



Don't expect things to be going well for publishing tycoon Viki Lord (Erika Slezak) when One Life to Live returns on April 29. TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan spoke with the soap's co-head writer Thom Racina, who dished The Banner, Llanview's beloved newspaper, has hit rough waters.

What's going to happen to the sacred institution, and how does OLTL newcomer and High School Musical alum Corbin Bleu (Jeffrey King) fit into things? According to Racina:

Jeffrey comes to town and develops a very close relationship with Viki," Racina says. "He'll become her star reporter in a story that will also heavily involve Dorian Lord [Robin Strasser]."

Can Viki keep her media empire afloat? Tune in to OLTL on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes on April 29 to find out!