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Katie Says She Can't Give Bill What He Needs on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) tried to do damage control by going to Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and explaining what happened with Bill (Don Diamont). The middle sister wasn't happy when she learned Katie (Heather Tom) had walked in on Brooke and Bill (Don Diamont) on a Forrester prop bed.

Katie asked Taylor (Hunter Tylo) if there was anything more that she'd seen between Bill and Brooke. Taylor just repeated what she'd already said. Bill returned home in the middle of their conversation. Bill and Katie quickly began arguing about their marriage, and who had not lived up to the other's expectations.  Both said they were lonely and missed the other. As they got ready for bed, Katie told Bill she knew what he needed, but she just couldn't give it to him.

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If I see another flashback of Maya (Karla Mosley) in one of those ugly, 1950s dresses I think I'm going to chuck something at my TV. I like Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya, but Forrester Creations has got to start selling more up-to-date apparel. It's no wonder they're in a sales slump. 

Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) flipped out at Marcus (Texas Battle), when Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) showed up at Eric's (John McCook) with Maya on his arm. As soon as she could, Dayzee pulled Maya aside and told her she shouldn't be there.

Before Maya could make a polite exit, Rick walked into the mansion. The two were smoldering together. There is so much potential with this pairing!

Between Bill/Katie and Rick/Maya's respective relationship dramas, Tuesday's episode of B&B packed a hefty, emotional punch.