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Shirtless Ghosts of Dead Gay Lovers and Kidnappings Abound on Fox's The Following

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Jacob (Nico Tortorella) was not having a good day, on this week’s The Following.  Since smothering BFF/sometimes lover Paul (Adan Canto), the cultist’s first kill, Jacob’s gone a bit mental. 

He kept having vivid hallucinations of Paul wearing just a towel, telling him to kill Emma (Valorie Curry), Paul wearing just a towel, a brutally murdered Emma, and Paul wearing just a towel. Did I mention Shirtless Paul was back, and wearing just a towel much of the time? 

Inside Maniac Mansion, Jacob kept scoffing at Emma’s overtures to explain about abandoning him and Paul.  Their leader, Joe (James Purefoy) encouraged them to make amends.  By the episode’s end, Jacob appeared to ignore his hallucinatory dead boyfriend's instructions  and followed Joe’s advice. He and Emma fell back into bed together. 


The “love making” happened over the course of two scenes. I was livid  Shirtless Ghost Paul didn’t pop up.  However, he later did saunter in, completely freaking Jacob out.  Jacob scrambled out of bed and took Paul into the bathroom.  Jacob told Ghost Paul he’d never kill Emma, before brandishing a knife.  Paul wore a mix of hurt and annoyance on his face,  as Jacob stabbed Paul “dead”, until they were both covered in blood. 

This “dark” Jacob was really fun to watch. I hope we get more of him, and this new Paul.  He's a hoot. If Ghost Paul does stick around, can we get some  Jacob/Paul makeup sex? Hey, if Ghost Denny and Izzy could do it on Grey's Anatomy...  


Emma was still chilling on the bed and overheard Jacob screaming in the bathroom.  She definitely looked uneasy about her lover.  When he came back in, Jacob confessed how he’d killed Paul. He grabbed her roughly. It looked like Emma was about to become Jacob’s kill number two.

She panicked, struggling to break his grasp. Jacob hissed “I killed, my best friend...because of you.  I have a real taste for it now.  I'd watch my back if I were you,” into her ear before letting go. So much for afterglow.  

If Jacob really wants to get revenge on Emma, he should not only cut her off, but seduce Joe.  Then if (really, when) Joe kills Roderick, Jacob can be there to usurp all the other followers as Joe’s number two.  Emma's head would explode! 

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The FBI realized Joe’s cult had figured out where Claire (Natalie Zea) was hidden. Ryan (Kevin Bacon) insisted on going to her, just as Joe’s latest plan to retrieve Claire kicked off. Two new followers appeared on the scene, and they meant business. 

They were foster brothers who’d grown up in that crazy Waco-militia lifestyle.  When Joe demanded they and Roderick finally capture Claire, they busted out their Kevlar vests and mini-machine guns and went into her safe house, guns blazing.  They shot up all the agents, except Ryan who snuck out back with Claire. They did manage to slip a tracking device on her.

Ryan took Claire to an old friend’s house who was in witness protection and “off the map.”  His purpose was to tell Claire about an old girlfriend of Ryan’s, and to die.  Because of the tracking device, Ryan destroyed his cover and put his friend in jeopardy. 


The old girlfriend's name was “Molly”. She and Ryan were pretty serious after the breakup with Claire. The friend said it didn’t work out because Ryan pushed her away like all his other girlfriends, and because he was still in love with Claire.

Claire went to Ryan and confessed she loved him, despite the horrible circumstances that brought them together.  He stood firm that their romance was a bad idea, but admitted he loved her too and they embraced.

The militia brothers showed up and started shooting up the place.  Ryan protected Claire, as his friend got shot. Ryan killed one of the brothers. Claire, however, took off with them, because they promised she’d see Joey. 

Claire is so annoying! I can’t believe she let herself get kidnapped again. Maybe if the FBI didn’t have to keep protecting her, they could focus on her son?   


Joe made headway in his relationship with Joey.  He basically seduced Joey with his favorite snack, smores. He was way too proud of himself for manipulating a 10-year-old. You’re a cult leader, dude! Manipulation is in the job description.  

It turned out Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Molly is currently a follower of Joe.  What will her part in Joe’s story be? Are there any other acolytes who've infiltrated Ryan’s life? 

What did you guys think of  this week's episode, "Guilt?"

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