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Can Quinn Overcome Her Hatred For Hollis Doyle on Scandal?

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Why would Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes) ever even think of helping Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry) on Scandal? Unfortunately for Quinn, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) decides who the Gladiators will assist in times of crisis.

TV Guide caught up with Lowes, who dished Quinn's reaction to Hollis asking for Olivia's help, after his daughter is kidnapped.

How is Quinn dealing with coming face-to-face with Hollis again?

Lowes: Not well. The last time Quinn talked about Hollis, she offered Huck (Guillermo Diaz) $5,000 to take him out. It was at that turning point that Huck said, "We don't do revenge here." I think this is a really tumultuous, conflicting episode for Quinn because it is yet again playing with the idea of, "If you've signed up to work at Olivia Pope ride and die, and Huck tells you that we don't do revenge, and yet your biggest enemy walks through that door, what do you do?" The episode took so much effort for me because I'm really not used to being filled with so much hatred. It was really difficult and a tough two weeks to go through everything. As a tease, something happens in the episode in which Quinn is really tested with whether Hollis Doyle is going to be an enemy forever or if she'll see him in a different light.

Read the entire interview at TV Guide and watch Scandal's trailer for "Snake in the Garden" after the jump!

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