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Is Barbara Walters Gearing Up to Retire?

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Is journalist extraordinaire Barbara Walters ready to sign off from television news for good? Per Deadline, after a 52-year career in broadcast journalism, Walters is gearing up to announce her retirement in May. According to the site, ABC is set to give B.W. a spectacular goodbye, which will include highlights from career.


This isn’t the first time speculation regarding Walters' retirement has occurred. In December 2011, TMZ first reported Walters would retire, after a microphone was left on while she was interviewing President Barack Obama. During a break in their talk, Walters remarked,

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"I’m retiring next year."

At the time, ABC News stated Walters was only joking about retirement. Walters was sidelined for much of the first few months of 2013, following a fall and bout with chicken pox. 

Rumblings about the 83-year-old's possible retirement come on the heels of rumors surrounding The View being completely revamped. Joy Behar recently announced her departure from the talk show; while rumors persist Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on her way out.