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SPOILERS: Will Chelsea's Secret Pregnancy Be Exposed on The Young and The Restless?

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Chelsea: What a dilemma Mrs. Newman is in these days. Chelsea is scared to bits Adam may die before he finds out they are about to have a baby. She rushes over to the hospital to tell Adam, but he’s unconscious. Chelsea finally lays everything on the line with the coma-ridden Adam, but is heartbroken when he calls out Sharon’s name. Chelsea flees the scene, but is stunned to see someone outside the door. Did this mystery person overhear her confession?


Nikki/Adam: Victor’s lady love warns the Newman black sheep if he pulls a fast one on Victor, he will suffer his wrath.

Victor/Jack: The two enemies have a showdown with Congressman Wheeler about Adam’s shooting. Afterwards, Victor and Jack work on getting their alibis straight regarding Stephanie. Unfortunately for Jack, Alex remembers he was with Stephanie.

Dylan: The war vet gets arrested!  Will Avery and Nick come to his rescue?

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