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Cane Catches Lily in Tyler's Arms on The Young and the Restless

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Friday's episode of The Young and the Restless opened with Jeanne Cooper talking about Katherine Chancellor, her family, friends and of course her epic rivalry with Jill (Jess Walton).

Katherine told Cane (Daniel Goddard) she thought she had Alzheimer’s. When he realized it was a self-diagnosis, he insisted she go to a doctor and find out for a fact exactly what is wrong.  Cane took Katherine to the hospital, but she urged him to go. Katherine swore she would be fine by herself.

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Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) spent a lot more time talking about babies. They always have such scintillating conversations.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) visited Adam (Michael Muhney) in his hospital room. Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) snuck in to keep her friend company. Eventually, Chloe convinced Chelsea to admit the truth about the baby to Adam to help her feel better.

Avery (Jessica Collins) returned to Genoa City, and Nick (Joshua Morrow) congratulated her on the trial. She said it was too soon to celebrate.

Tyler (Redaric Williams) told Lily (Christel Khalil) about his mother's death, and how he believed his father killed her.  He shared with her that his real name is Davis Rogan.  Just as Lily was comforting Tyler, Cane arrived and saw them together. Needless to say, he went off.

Dylan (Steve Burton) was at the bar drinking, when another guy wanted to start a fight.  Eventually, he was goaded into taking the guy on. Dylan was arrested for his fight with the bar brawler.