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Nathan Fillion's Castle Celebrates 100th Episode!

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Former One Life to Live favorite Nathan Fillion celebrates the 100th episode of his primetime hit Castle tonight, with an episode that gives a nod to Alfred Hitchcock'sRear Window.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with creator Andrew Marlowe, Fillion and his co-star Stana Katic. The trio talked about the show's origins, the impact of the Writers' Strike and reaching the 100-episode milestone. Here's an excerpt:

THR: What's the secret to Castle's success?

Katic: It appeals to an audience that wants dessert after dinner. It's charming in a classic kind of way. I think people love a bit of heart, humor, drama and stakes, so I suppose it has a nice mix of a lot of different emotions.

Fillion: There are episodes where we do go pretty dramatic, but by and large, we don't take ourselves terribly seriously. We keep it fairly light. I think it makes it easy to like.

Marlowe: People have been responding to this love story between Castle and Beckett, and they are hungry for shows that make them laugh. Whatever bit of magic we happen to capture, hopefully we'll be able to continue. The chances of a pilot getting on air are slim, and to reach 100 episodes is a miracle. That's a result of a lot of people's hard work and also a lot of luck. It is harder and harder for TV shows to reach this milestone in an environment where you have Internet streaming, places like Netflix for shows, 100 channels of programs, cable. It just really gratifies us that we happened to find such a wonderful and loyal audience.

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