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Tony Geary, Jane Elliot and Kin Shriner Give the #GH50 Interview to End ALL #GH50 Interviews!


I don't even know where to begin. Do I pull a quote of Jane Elliot reacting to Kin Shriner spitting fish tacos on her? What about those women Shriner had coming out of his dressing room—zipping up—during the 80's glory days? Did the late, great Gloria Monty really like Tony Geary best because he was drunker than the rest of the cast?

TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan gathered the General Hospital superstars who made Tracy Quartermaine, Scotty Baldwin and Luke Spencer three of daytime television's most iconic characters for lunch recently. What transpired might be the funniest soap-themed interview I've ever read. Here are a few snippets:

Elliot on why she quit GH when Monty was showrunner:

"I quit because Gloria insulted me. I was making, like, a dollar and a quarter a week — horrible money, so little money that I asked for a $50 raise and Gloria told my agent I was unprofessional. Now, you can call me a lot of things but you cannot call me unprofessional. I was so insulted she applied that word to me that I said, "I'm not working for her anymore!" I finished out my contract and left. I went to Knots Landing for a bit, then Guiding Light. I didn't return until after Gloria was gone."

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Shriner on why soaps need a strong boss man, lady, er, person:

"You gotta have a Captain Nemo at the helm — like a Frank or a Gloria — who sees the big picture. When we shot the Luke and Laura wedding and Scotty made a surprise appearance and caught the bouquet, Gloria had me hiding out in a trailer on the set so the word wouldn't get out — and this was decades before people were spoiling things by Googling. No, that's not it. What do they call it? Tweeting! That was the first time I met Tristan Rogers [Robert]. [Laughs] He was in the same trailer sleeping one off. Hey, remember those public appearances we'd all go on together? Remember when they actually paid soap stars to show up somewhere?"

Geary on who almost killed GH, and who saved it:

"Usually, new producers and writers want to put their stamp on a show. They don't want to continue what's working. They want to reinvent the wheel. It's an ego thing. And once they've gotten rid of characters that were well known and deeply loved, they think they can create that same magic with new characters. Frank and Ron did the exact opposite and it saved our ass. Things were pretty rough there for a while, but they got better as soon as [ABC Daytime chief] Brian Frons left. He hated the soap medium. He hated it from the beginning. He wanted reality TV."

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