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Eden Riegel Dishes What to Expect on All My Kids 2.0!


With under a month away until All My Children’s re-launch, many are wondering what exactly is going to happen?  Access Hollywood caught up with Eden Riegel (Bianca) to get the 411 on life renewed in Pine Valley.

Access: The last time people saw ‘All My Children,’ J.R. Chandler had a gun, and he was hiding behind the walls as most of the residents of Pine Valley were gathered together. What can you tell us about where the show picks up?

Eden: By having a quick sort of fast forward you get the opportunity to restart things because things have changed a lot in these people’s lives and yet, they’re still struggling with some of the same issues, and, of course, that final cliffhanger has definitely affected — it’s ricocheted and affected people’s lives and Miranda and A.J. who were just little kids at that point are now teenagers and dealing with the fallout themselves. So I think it was a really, really smart move to do this time jump because then you just get so many more possibilities. You don’t have to quickly rehash and finish up old stories. You get to start fresh with the same people, but at a slightly different point in their lives.

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Riegel also reveals how AMC will deal with a missing Erica Kane (Susan Lucci).

Access: Do they explain away Erica’s absence?

Eden: No. I think in a good way… there isn’t a lot of time on like, ‘Oh, where’s so and so?’ ‘You remember she’s out of town doing this…’ They don’t spend a lot of time on the exposition of that stuff so what you end up getting is the feeling that those people still are present. They’re just not featured. And soap audiences are used to there being a large cast and not every storyline can be dealt with every day so, it doesn’t have to be mentioned that Erica’s at the nail salon today. So I don’t know if it’s specifically mentioned where she is or what she’s doing… I don’t think that her absence is gonna be quite as palpable for the audience, which is good because I’m sure they’re gonna miss her enough and they can sort of believe that she is present.

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