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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Helena vows to end Laura’s life. However, before she has a chance, Dante arrives and shoots the gun out of Helena’s hand. An unconcerned Helena orders Dante to drop his gun, or her goons will kill Luke/Laura. Dante puts the gun down, but then causes a diversion. He and Luke kill the two henchmen, and get the upper hand on Helena.  

Tracy toasts her victory over AJ, as he arrives and accuses her of stealing the package with the relish results.  Tracy reminds him that her mother invented it, and her father left it to her. Tracy is determined to bring the company back to its former glory.

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Michael pays Sonny a visit to ask about Kate/Connie’s integration treatment.  Sonny explains he doesn’t know who will end up being the host, but he loves both women in their own way.  Sonny understands her illness, since he has his own mental health issues.  He’s hoping once the two personalities are integrated, Kate/Connie will be healed and released.  Michael wonders which woman Sonny wants to come home. 

Sonny talks about his love for Brenda, but admits he chose Lily because she was pregnant. It didn't matter in the end, because he lost her anyway.  Sonny says he loved two women, but made the wrong choices. Michael has to leave to meet AJ, and Sonny wishes him luck despite his own feelings for AJ.  

Bobbie stops by Carly’s for a reunion.  Carly complains about AJ’s return, and her fear of losing Michael.  Carly apologizes again for messing up Bobbie’s life, and hopes her own kids turn out better.  Carly talks about losing Jason, and how Danny is so much like him.  She confesses losing Jason left a hole in her heart, and she wants to fill it. However, she realizes she needs to stop counting on someone else.  Bobbie mentions Jax, and thinks Carly should get back together with him.  

Monica worries Liz has spent the night by Nikolas’ bedside, and wants her to get some rest.  Liz tells her talking with AJ has helped, but she wishes she could do more.  After Monica leaves, Liz takes Nikolas’ hand and talks about their betrayal of Lucky and Emily.  Liz admits she was ashamed and is still paying the price for their actions. After it all, she lost Lucky anyway.  Liz tells Nikolas that she loves him.  Liz leaves Nikolas' room, and finds Audrey waiting for her.  

Monica goes home to find Tracy celebrating her new relish recipe.  AJ returns and complains to his mother that Tracy stole his recipe, but Tracy chimes in she was just reclaiming her property.  Monica warns AJ to back off, because she’ll handle Tracy.  Monica informs Tracy that she’s kicking her out of the house. Tracy snarks that she’ll have to serve her with eviction papers, and then whines about Allan giving Monica the house.  Ghost Allan appears to Tracy in the mirror. 

Dante tells Helena he doesn’t care about her war with the Spencer’s, but demands to know Lulu's whereabouts. Two new goons show up, and Luke warns them to drop their guns or Dante will shoot Helena.  Both men drop their guns.  Dante tells everyone infrared surveillance shows someone below deck. He holds Helena at gunpoint, while Luke and Laura check it out.  

Someone appears at Sonny’s door.  Jax appears at Carly’s. 

Nikolas wakes up.  Luke and Laura find someone below deck.