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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Audrey tells Liz she’s at the hospital for the unveiling of a photo of Steve Hardy for what would have been his 50th anniversary as the original chief of staff. The photo will permanently reside in the boardroom.  Liz acknowledges her grandfather was the heart and soul of the hospital.  

Luke removes the hood from the person in the chair, and discovers Ethan. Laura explains to him they are looking for Lulu. In turn, Ethan tells them he was staying at Lucky’s place in Dublin, and received a message from Nikolas that something was wrong. Then, Helena and her goons grabbed him.  Ethan thinks he was kidnapped as a distraction.  The three soon realize the door is locked, and they’re stuck inside the room.  Luke knows they need to work together to escape. 

Tracy is thrilled to see Alan, but shocked to hear Monica can see him as well. To make things a little stranger, the three of them can also speak to each other.  Monica’s thrilled when Emily appears, but the women quickly realize their family members have appeared to help the women settle their discord.  Monica complains Tracy is sabotaging AJ, and Tracy counters that AJ stole her inheritance.  

Tracy brings up Monica’s many indiscretions including Rick Webber, who appears to ask that he not be vilified.  Rick wants bygones to be bygones, and he and Alan shake on it. Emily says they have come back to bring the women together in peace.  Monica tells Tracy she can stay in the house, and Tracy offers a truce.  Emily wants them to seal it with a hug. The feuding women share an awkward hug, and the deceased are gone when they release one another.  Monica wonders what is in the relish. 

Jax tells Carly he’s returned for a reason. It turns out their divorce was never finalized, and they are still married.  The two make small talk, and Jax offers condolences about Jason.  Carly informs him she's standing on her own now, and admits it was a mistake for them to break up.  Jax can’t be her fall back guy, but Carly swears he was always the one for her. She believes since they’re both free, then it’s all a sign they should reunite.  Jax tells Carly he isn’t free; he’s engaged. 

Brenda is at Sonny’s door.  She’s back for the Nurse’s Ball in Robin’s honor, and wanted to smooth things over with Sonny first.  Brenda mentions the letter she left for Sonny, but Sonny admits he was in a bad place and tore up the letter without reading it.  Brenda tells Sonny what was in the letter. She left for the safety of her son, but she still wanted to be with Sonny. Brenda told Sonny she would wait in Rome for him. However, when he didn’t come for her, she moved on. Now, she is engaged.  

Patrick and Epiphany greet the new interns, and explain how Steve Hardy was the driving force of the hospital.

Carly asks Jax who he’s engaged to, and he admits it’s Brenda.  Brenda tells Sonny she’s engaged to Jax.  

Helena and her goons walk in on the Spencer's.  Laura demands to know what happened to Dante, but Helena scoffs he was no match for her.  Ethan wonders why she’s after Lulu, and Helena claims she needs to avenge her sons. Helena decrees it's time for Laura to die.  Luke steps in front of Laura, and tells Helena to put the blame on him. After all, he’s the one who killed Mikkos, and her sons.  Helena decides Laura should do the shooting. 

Liz wishes her family members would make more of an effort to stay in touch, because it gets lonely without them.   Audrey and Liz head down to the unveiling of the photo. Liz ponders the number of stories the hospital has seen in its 50 years.  Patrick admits that it changed his life.  Liz points out Audrey will be celebrating her own 50 years soon. Audrey has a memory of her and Steve dancing. She wishes his photo a happy anniversary.  

Elizabeth walks Audrey out of the hospital.

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