One Life to Live's Erika Slezak: "How Many Cooking Shows Can You Have?"


The queen has spoken! In a recent interview with our pals over atZap2it, once-and-future One Life to Live grande dame Erika Slezak blasted the programs ABC Daytime chose to replace two of their beloved daytime soaps with. Said Slezak:


"I have to say, they replaced them with real rubbish. 'The Chew' is hanging on, but how many cooking shows can you have? You have a channel called the Food Network; you can go there 24 hours a day, so do we need another show where they're all talking over each other? And 'The Revolution' was so bad, they canceled it in five months."

I guess we shouldn't look for any full-page ads for The Chew in Victoria' Lord's fictional newspaper when One Life to Live returns on April 29?

Photo of Mario Batali by PR Photos