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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Helena declares Laura will shoot Ethan, or never see Lulu again.  Laura refuses, and Helena goads her on. Helena recalls Luke wouldn’t spare Laura’s son, and would have risked Nik’s life for Lulu’s.  Laura knows Lulu wouldn’t want her to trade Ethan's life for hers.  Helena decides Laura should shoot Luke instead. 

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Lucy and her crew are working on getting the Nurse’s Ball ready to go. Molly is working on the lyrics for the opening number, while TJ makes the music.  Lucy ropes Anton into choreographing the number. 

Patrick is surprised Sabrina didn’t answer his message, and explains the latest to Liz.  Liz reassures him Sabrina has been busy with the ball, but Patrick is sure it’s because Milo’s in the picture.  Patrick figures he missed his chance. 

Carly doesn’t understand why Jax would find his way back to Brenda, since she only loves herself.  Carly decides Brenda is only with Jax to provoke a reaction from Sonny, but Jax doesn’t believe her.  Carly bets Brenda is with Sonny right now. However, Jax is sure Brenda’s waiting for him at the hotel.  He asks about the divorce papers, but Carly refuses to sign them tonight.  Jax tells Carly she’s wrong about Brenda. 

Brenda wants Sonny to wish her congratulations on her engagement to Jax.  Brenda explains they were both free at the same time, and found their way back to each other. Sonny doesn’t understand her need to tell him about her relationship with Jax.  Brenda claims she wants honesty between them, and didn’t want him to find out about the engagement from someone else.  Sonny thinks she just wants to hurt him, or have him talk her out of it.  

Milo tells TJ he deleted Patrick’s message to Sabrina, but now feels badly about it.  Sabrina overhears part of the conversation, and wonders what they’re talking about. Milo quickly deflects Sabrina's question and changes the subject. Later on, Milo mentions again to TJ he doesn’t feel right about his actions. Milo admits he doesn’t want to win Sabrina that way.    

Liz arrives at the ball rehearsal, and asks Sabrina why she ignored Patrick’s message. She tells Sabrina to talk to Patrick soon.  

Helena tries to convince Laura to avenge her cheating spouse. She proceeds to run down all the dirty things Luke has done to Laura over the years. Laura pretends to go along with it, but gives Luke the gun at the last second. He shoots Helena’s goons, and then Helena herself.  Luke declares Helena is dead.  Laura soon realizes Helena was the only one who knew Lulu's whereabouts.

Jax runs into Michael at the hotel, and tells him about the engagement. He also informs him of Carly's disdain of the situation. The two end their chat, and Jax finds his hotel room empty of Brenda. 

Carly lets herself into Sonny’s house, and overhears his conversation with Brenda. Brenda admits she had no idea Sonny hadn’t read her letter. She honestly believes that if he had, things might have been different.  Sonny warns her Jax won’t make her happy.  Brenda asks Sonny not to tell Jax she was there.   

Luke doesn’t find Lulu or Dante onboard, and then realizes reinforcements are coming to help Helena.  He doesn’t want Ethan to be there when they arrive, and convinces Ethan to be a decoy and leave.   He and Laura prepare for the new threat.