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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucy continues to oversee the rehearsals for the Nurse’s Ball.  Kevin tells Lucy he won’t be there for the ball, because he has to go out of town to help a patient.  Lucy’s worried she’ll bomb without his support, but Kevin reassures her that she’ll be fine. 

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Olivia’s worried about Dante and Lulu, but Anna assures her everything will be fine. Maxie feels they need the distraction of the ball to honor Robin.  Felicia reacts when Anna mentions Frisco, and admits to Anna she recently confessed her love for both Mac and Frisco. Anna tells her she needs to pick one, and let the other go.  

Sabrina complains to Felix she didn’t receive a message from Patrick. Then, she misses a second one from Patrick, where he asks her to pick up Emma for the ball.

Mac tells Duke that Felicia admitted to loving both men, but he doesn’t want to wait around for her to choose Frisco.   He envies Duke, who he thinks has a fighting chance with Anna.  Duke says he’s competing with himself.   Mac thinks Anna doesn’t know how she feels, and Duke shouldn’t stop fighting for her.  Kevin tells them he’s been called out of town, and both men agree to take care of Lucy in his absence.

Carly tells Bobbie she isn’t going to the ball, because she has something more important to do. Apparently, Carly has to protect the innocent.  

Brenda complains about Carly not signing the divorce papers. In turn, Jax tells Brenda about Carly’s suspicion that Brenda visited Sonny’s last night.   Carly arrives in time to hear Brenda deny being at Sonny’s.  Carly quickly informs Jax that not only was Brenda at Sonny’s, but she asked Sonny to take her back.   

Patrick is surprised when Noah shows up at his door.  Noah is there to support a good cause for Robin.  Sabrina arrives to pick up Emma, and Patrick introduces his father. He is soon surprised to hear the two have been Skyping with Emma, and know each other fairly well.  

After Sabrina leaves, Patrick confides in his father about his feelings for Sabrina. Patrick thinks it's too late to win her over, because she's with someone else now. Noah calls him a coward, and advises his son to swallow his pride and tell Sabrina how he feels.  He tells Patrick not to end up like he did, and let the woman get away. 

Carly returns home, and finds Sonny waiting for her. It seems he found the scarf she left behind, and knows she was eavesdropping on his conversation with Brenda.  Carly won’t let Brenda use Jax, and break his heart. Sonny tells her to stay out of it.  Carly asks to go to the ball with him.  

Jax confronts Brenda, who complains Carly just wants to split them up.  Brenda explains about the letter Sonny never read.  Jax insists she tell him the truth, and asks if Brenda wanted another shot with Sonny.  Brenda admits she does.

Jax is angry, and thought things would be different this time.  Brenda loves him, and suggests they leave Port Charles.  She doesn’t want Carly to break them up.  Jax says all Carly did was stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life.  Jax believes Brenda is ruined, and he can’t save her.   

Felix wants to give Sabrina a makeover, but she's worried it won’t change anything. Felix promises she’ll be as beautiful on the outside, as inside.  Everyone leaves, and Patrick arrives to discover a transformed Sabrina.