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Chad and Abigail Get an Eyeful on Days of Our Lives

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Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) shredded, and by shredded I mean like artisan cheddar on a five star chef’s shredder, Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) heart when she ended things with him in front of the entire hospital. I have to say; if Jennifer were that badass more often, she’d be a much more entertaining character to watch. Of course, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) was lurking nearby and watched the whole scene happen. She followed Daniel when he left the hospital.

Jennifer returned home, but it wasn’t long before busybody Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) dropped by to give her an earful about what she’d done to Daniel.

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Meanwhile, all kinds of drama was going down at the DiMera mansion. Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) was furious when he found out about Sami (Alison Sweeney) moving into the DiMera lair, and threatened to get full custody of their daughter. Sami was forced to explain why she’d moved in, and how it was all a part of her and EJ’s (James Scott) plan to help Will (Chandler Massey). Lucas finally backed down and left, which gave Sami time to prepare a special meal for EJ.

Of course the moment EJ saw what Sami had prepared, he wanted to know what she’d done. Sami tried to dance around the topic, but he got it out of her after kissing her on the neck. Needless to say, EJ was not happy to learn Sami had spilled the beans to Lucas. He warned if Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) found out the truth, he’d be furious about their scheme.

Nick (Blake Berris) and Vargas (Sean Douglas) argued, but considering how much arguing Nick has been doing lately, it wasn’t really all that interesting.

On the flip side, the ever interesting Abby (Kate Mansi) and Chad (Casey Deidrick) tried to get to the bottom of what Cameron (Nathan Owens) was hiding. They spied on Cameron, and followed him around town. The duo eventually ended up at a ladies club, but Cameron was nowhere to be found. Will they see him, or did they miss him stripping. We’ll find out on Friday. 

Abby and Chad’s scenes were fun, and made me wish I could see more. Though, I’m not entirely sure why, especially since I wasn’t a big fan of them the first time around.