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Fitz Deals With the Ghosts of His Past and Forgives Liv on ABC's Scandal

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Before this week’s Scandal recap, I have to comment on the episode’s title, “Molly, You in Danger, Girl.”  If you’ve lived through the ‘90s, you know this is a reference to the movie Ghost, which starred President Fitz himself, Tony Goldwyn!  The first and second time I read the title, I LOLed.  Basically, I think it’s the best episode title ever, and I hope we get more cheeky Ghost references in Scandal!

This episode was a fantastic outing, and so much happened.  There were enough reveals to last half a dozen eps, and “Molly, You in Danger, Girl” could have easily served as a season finale.  It’s a good thing Scandal left us so much to ruminate over, since it’s on hiatus for another three weeks! 


Fallen CIA Director Osborne’s wife, Susan, became Olivia Pope and Associate’s client of the week.  She could tell her husband was murdered because of a forged suicide note.  OPA did some investigating and found out Molly, the girl that had led them to Osborne, was fleeing the country after a getting a huge payoff.  It also turned out Osborne had a gambling addiction, and the shady launderette was just his bookie. 

Olivia (Kerry Washington) called Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and revealed the U.S. government still had a mole.  Due to Fitz already publically condemning Osborne as the mole, Cyrus brushed it off. He wasn’t going to tempt Fitz’s wrath again. 

OPA tracked down Molly to question her about the real mole, “Albatross.”  She confessed she didn’t lie for the money, but because she was scared for her life.  She refused to talk, but by the episode’s end, Harrison (Columbus Short) and Abby (Darby Stanchfield) were identifying her dead body in the morgue. 


Cyrus’ work life may have been improving, but his home life was in shambles.  James had kicked his nefarious hubby out, unable able to get over Defiance and the fact he had to perjure himself to keep Cy out of jail.  

Cyrus took some advice from the president, and insisted on moving back home.  He and James had it out, and Cyrus said James was angrier with himself for lying in the name of love.  James cried he wished Cyrus had lied to him, and kept him in the dark. 

James either has to forgive Cyrus, or definitely end their romance.  Ten months ago, he insisted and cried Cyrus be honest for once, and admit the truth about Defiance.  James can’t have it both ways!  You either love your shady politico, or you move on. 


Mellie (BellamyYoung) and Fitz gave their first public interview since baby Teddy was born and the assassination attempt.  They charmed the American public, as Fitz recalled the anecdote of how it was love at first sight with Mellie. Apparently, he stole her from her date at a pub during law school. 

Later, when they’re alone, he told the real story of their union.  Big Jerry had set up Mellie and Fitz, because of her good breeding and blue blood.  He then proceeded to basically call the mother of his children a vicious whore.  Meanwhile, Mellie is just all “TF?,” and begged Fitz to tell her what’s really bothering him.  He walked out in response.

Fitz’s treatment of women is just appalling.  I guess it really is a good thing Sally Langston was his running mate, since he doesn’t exactly court the female vote! 

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The stain of Verna’s death on his hands continued to profoundly affect Fitz.  After the confrontation with Mellie, Fitz called Cyrus to congratulate him on moving back home.  Fitz then blurted out he murdered Verna (I really hope that line was secure!!!), and asked if he thought “she” would forgive him if she knew. 

Cyrus recovered quickly, and said there’s stuff they all have to do that they shouldn’t tell their love ones.  Before they could chat further, Fitz was alerted to an emergency.  (More on that later.)

I was not expecting Fitz to reveal the murder now, or like this.  I was already screaming at my TV, and this wasn’t even the biggest “WTF?! Moment” to come!


Apparently, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) does monthly bug checks of Olivia’s apartment.  Unfortunately, Jake (Scott Foley) knew this and snuck in beforehand, removed his cameras, and then put them back after Huck left. 

Jake learned Olivia knew Osborne wasn’t the real mole, and realized she’d keep investigating it until she uncovered the truth. Jake's secret boss (Joe Morton) told him to handle it.  Olivia declined Jake's offer to dinner, but after drinking lots of wine and wallowing while watching the Grants’ interview, she surprised Jake at his apartment with takeout. 

Jake quickly concealed his Olivia surveillance feed, and stealthily switched her phone off when her back was turned.  Then, Jake proceeded to charm Olivia into bed.  Olivia seemed really happy, and Jake was very anxious to keep Miss Pope in bed.


Later, Olivia snuck into the kitchen to get some water, and turned on the news.  Only, instead of CSPAN, she unveiled all the surveillance footage of her apartment.  She started to freak out (and who could blame her? That’s some way to find out your boyfriend is stalking you!).  Jake came in and tried to explain it wasn’t what it looked like. 

Olivia made a run for the door, but Jake grabbed her and said she couldn’t leave.  She tried to fight him off, but it just resulted in Jake slamming her to the ground…really, really hard.  He climbed on top of her, to try and explain, and showed her an assailant lurking in her apartment.  However, then Jake noticed she was passing out because of a gapping head wound. 

Next, Olivia woke up in the hospital, and was horrified to see Jake smiling by her side. Jake quickly told her she had to lie about what happened. He informed her to say a home intruder hurt her, and Jake was just being a random Good Samaritan.


Fitz walked in the hospital room and shook Jake’s hand as he thanked him.  Then, Jake and Fitz’s security detail stepped outside.  Olivia was horrified.  She might not know everything that’s going on, but she knows that her boyfriend and ex are acquainted and conspired to spy on her.  Once they were alone, Fitz leaned in to comfort Olivia, as she recoiled and tried not to cry. 

I felt so bad for Olivia in this episode!  She should have trusted her gut, and just stayed single.  While I don’t think Jake meant to hurt her, he was still too rough.  Plus, even if his romantic feelings are genuine (which, yeah, totally plausible one could fall for Olivia/Kerry Washington), he shouldn’t have slept with her while everything out of his mouth was a lie!  There’s a legal term for that—it’s called “Rape by Deception.” 

I know Olivia loves Fitz, but I can’t see her forgiving him, like ever, at this point. 


Elsewhere, Huck was attacked while he and Quinn (Katie Lowes) were investigating Albatross.  Quinn put her newly acquired spy skills to good use, and rescued him. However, Huck was visibly traumatized. 

It also turned out his attacker was hitman/spy frenemy Charlie—who’s still working for Cyrus.  He was also the one in Olivia’s apartment.  Was Charlie just investigating  Jake/Albatross, or could Cyrus be Albatross?

Meanwhile, David (Joshua Malina) got a hopeful Abby to admit she still had feelings for him.  However, after she refused to admit to stealing his Cytron card, he said he could never love a woman he couldn’t trust. 

What did you Gladiators think, and how are you planning to get through the Scandal hiatus?

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