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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The local press introduces the Port Charles townspeople as they arrive for the Nurse’s Ball.  

Patrick tells Sabrina he hopes she still has feelings for him, since he realized he has feelings for her.  He’s worried he’s lost her to Milo, but Sabrina assures him that her feelings haven’t changed.  Patrick and Sabrina kiss.  Patrick asks to be her date to the ball.  

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Noah and Bobbie reunite and make small talk. Noah and Anna do the same.  

Carly gives Brenda the signed divorce papers, and wonders where Jax is.  Brenda admits the wedding is off, and blames everything on Carly. She even calls her a skank. In turn, Carly calls Brenda a pathological liar.

Mac tells Felicia she needs to make a decision between Mac and Frisco. Maxie asks Felicia whom she’s choosing, but Felicia says she loves them both.  

When Sabrina arrives at the ball, she tells Liz and Felix about the kiss.  

Lucy welcomes and thanks everyone for coming.  She introduces a musical number by the hospital nurses. Lucy wants them all to remember the nurses they’ve lost, namely Jessie Brewer and Amy Vining.  She also thanks the anonymous donor who underwrote the ball, and wants them to take a bow. However, no one does.  

Ellie and Spin perform a number to “She Blinded Me With Science”.  Frisco sees Maxie upset, and tells her it’s not too late to tell Spin the truth about the baby.  

Anton’s partner is injured, and he asks Sam to perform with him. She obliges.

Brenda starts a food fight with Carly, and Carly has her thrown out.  Sonny’s angry, since the night is supposed to be about Robin.  Monica questions Michael about the discord between his Mother and Brenda.  Liz comments on Tracy and AJ being civil. 

Milo confesses to Sabrina he erased the message from Patrick.  

Mac performs with Mr. Marbles and takes cheap shots at Frisco, the deadbeat dad.  

Frisco performs “All I Need”, while Felicia cries.  Frisco dedicates the song to her, and asks Felicia to marry him.