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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucy finds Richard Simmons hiding in her closet, and the two have an epic argument.  Richard decides Lucy isn’t going back to the ball, and locks her in the closet. 

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Frisco proposes to Felicia, but she doesn’t accept his ring because they’re not meant to be together.  Felicia says Mac is the man for her, and always will be.  Frisco storms off. 

Britt and her mother are watching the ball on television, and Britt gets upset upon seeing Sabrina sitting with Patrick and Emma.  Dr. Obrecht reminds her of what they’ve been planning for months, but Britt isn’t sure revenge will do any good.  Dr. Obrecht is sure everyone will be talking once Britt unleashes their surprise. 

Sabrina tells Emma she and Milo are not together. Patrick wonders if his daughter would be happy if he and Sabrina dated.  Emma is thrilled. 

Liz fills in for a missing Lucy and introduces the next act, which was to be Duke and Lucy dancing.  Duke asks Anna to step in for Lucy, and the two dance a tango.  When they’re done, Anna is over the moon.  Duke wants them to start creating new memories together. 

Maxie chases after Frisco, who says coming back was a mistake, since Felicia didn’t choose him. He believes there’s nothing left for him now.  Maxie wonders where she fits in.  Maxie begs him to stay, because he loves her and she’s his daughter. However, Frisco feels she can take care of herself.  Ellie overhears Maxie talk to her father about the truth of her pregnancy.  Maxie doesn’t want to lose Frisco again, but he promises to let her know where he ends up. 

Mac is glad Felicia chose him, but she wonders if he’s punishing her for taking so long to decide.  Mac worries if he can trust her feelings in the long haul, so Felicia reiterates she loves him. Then, Felicia proposes to Mac.

Liz introduces Magic Milo, which consists of Max, Milo, Michael, Anton, Spinelli and Felix performing a strip tease.  Lucy breaks out of the closet, and gets into a scuffle with Richard. The two end up on stage in their skivvies at the end of men’s performance.  The men promptly cart Richard off. 

Emma tells Anna about Sabrina and Patrick.  Anna gives Patrick her approval. 

Lucy thanks Noah for setting up the following act, Rick Springfield.  Rick sings "Jessie’s Girl" to the delight of the crowd. 

Lucy introduces Emma and Sabrina who sing and dance to "Call Me Maybe". 

Ellie spots a crying Maxie, and offers her a shoulder.  Maxie admits her father left and she should be used to it, but it’s hitting her especially hard this time. 

Patrick addresses the crowd and discusses AIDS. He informs everyone of the work being done to cure the disease, and how Robin lived with it. Britt arrives, and Patrick is not happy to see her. Apparently, Britt has something to say.  Dr. Obrecht watches from the hotel room, and tells a photo of Faison he’d be proud of his daughter.