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Katie's Heart Quite Literally Breaks on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill’s (Don Diamont) afterglow was shattered by a call from the hospital. Katie (Heather Tom) had been admitted. As they rushed to get dressed, Brooke couldn’t help wondering if they were responsible. Uh, ya think?

Brooke and Bill hovered at Katie’s bedside. Donna (Jennifer Gareis) showed up and demanded to know what had happened. She quickly put two and two together when she noticed that Katie’s wedding band was missing.

Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) isn't happy about the amount of time Rick (Jacob Young) is spending with Maya (Karla Mosley), and told him so. Later, Rick was there for Maya after her experience with the porn producer.

Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope (Kim Matula) spent a bunch of time talking about babies while wondering where Katie was.

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Caroline went to the porn producer to get a refund on the money she'd given him. He refused to return the cash.

Hercules, the shirtless man who was supposed to have been Maya’s scene partner, walked in. Caroline liked what she saw. As she was running her fingers over his chest and abs, the porn producer started taping them with his phone.

Poor Caroline hasn’t been getting enough good-good from Rick, so now she’s drooling over porn stars!

Question of the day: How long will it be before Caroline finds herself blackmailed into porn?