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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Britt announces to Patrick and everyone she’s pregnant! The doctor takes off her coat, and reveals a huge baby bump.  Britt wants everyone to celebrate her news, and pushes the point with Emma.  Anna comes on stage and takes Emma away.   Patrick drags Britt off for a talk.

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Sabrina’s upset at Britt’s news.  Felix points out Patrick may not be the father of Britt's baby.  Sabrina decides she’s going to stand up to Britt. 

Anna and Duke comfort Emma, who wonders if Britt's baby news is true.  Anna isn’t sure, especially since Britt has lied before.  Duke assures Emma she’ll make a great big sister if it’s true. Anna asks if she’d like to have a little brother or sister.  Emma just doesn’t want Britt as her new mom. 

Maxie accuses Ellie of eavesdropping.  Ellie denies it, and says her only intention was to offer Maxie an ear to listen. However, Maxie informs Ellie it’s none of her business. 

Lucy introduces Max and Olivia, who perform a psychic comedy bit.  

Patrick doesn’t believe he’s the father, but Britt reminds him they did have unprotected sex in the shower. She even makes a dig about catching something else from him. Patrick demands to know if that was a crack about Robin, and then decides Britt disgusts him.  Britt accuses him of turning his back on her, and he reminds her that she treated Emma like garbage. Patrick feels she made her announcement at the one time when it would hurt the most people. However, Britt claims she wanted to tell him the truth sooner rather than later.  

Patrick declares they aren't getting back together even if he ends up being the baby's father. In turn, Britt wonders if he’d be able to turn his back on his child.  

Spin complains to Sam about Ellie’s disinterest in having children.  Sam reminds him people change their mind all the time.  

Lucy introduces a musical number by Molly and TJ.  

Spin finds Maxie and Ellie arguing in the hall.  Maxie accuses Ellie of sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, and storms off.  Ellie explains to Spin she thinks Maxie is hiding something about the baby.  Spin tells her about Britt’s announcement, and discusses the possibility Maxie was talking about Britt’s pregnancy.  

Liz and AJ are happy about how well their number went.  The two kiss, but are surprised to see Tracy and Monica getting ready backstage.  Lucy announces the next group, Epiphany, Tracy and Monica who perform to “Jump (For My Love)”.  

Michael gets a call, presumably from Starr, and is devastated when told she’s never coming back to him.  

Patrick is upset, but Sabrina suggests the baby may not be his, since Britt has a history of lying.  Patrick will get a paternity test, and feels they will move past this.  The two kiss. 

Britt gets back to the hotel room, and Dr. Obrecht congratulates her daughter on her performance.  Britt is worried she still won’t get Patrick back, despite the baby. She doesn’t understand where it all went wrong.  Britt thinks she’ll end up alone, like her mother.  Dr. Obrecht reassures Britt that Patrick will come to her, and her child will have a mother and father. 

Lucy thanks everyone for coming out.  Felix presents her with roses.  Lucy thanks Sabrina for putting things into motion for the Nurse's Ball.

Sabrina admits it was Emma’s vision to revisit the ball, and she and Patrick come up to the stage.  Sabrina and Patrick sing, “You’re Not Alone Anymore”.