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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly stops by Brenda’s room, and is surprised to see a food cart set for two, since Jax left the night before.  She lets herself into Brenda’s room, and berates Brenda for spending the night with a stranger.  Brenda claims it isn’t a stranger, and Carly immediately assumes it's Sonny. She pulls the blanket back, and finds Michael in Brenda’s bed. 

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Carly is furious Brenda slept with her son, but Brenda points out Michael is an adult. Carly yells Brenda did it to get back at her, and explains to Michael what happened. Michael calms Carly down, and says he needs to deal with this on his own. Carly reluctantly leaves, but not before she throws a glass of water at Brenda and calls her a whore.  

Liz and AJ talk on the phone about the great time they had at the ball.  AJ hopes for a second date, but understands her focus is on Nikolas right now.  Liz thanks him for his support. 

Bobbie finds Scotty sitting around the hospital waiting to hear from Laura.  She convinces him to go back to the hotel to rest. 

Mac and Felicia visit Anna’s for an update on the Spencer clan.  She tells them all the Spencer’s and Dante are still unaccounted for.  Mac asks Anna if she needs any help. Anna tells Mac his help isn't necessary yet, because Frisco is back with the WSB and they are on the case.  Mac tells Anna that Felicia proposed, and Anna is thrilled for them.  Felicia wants to congratulate Anna on getting back with Duke, but Anna still isn’t certain. 

Anna says Faison ruined all of her memories, and she wants to reclaim them. Anna admits she and Duke kissed, but things still aren’t resolved.  Mac tells her Duke wants to be with her, but Anna’s not sure where things are headed.  

Luke and Laura wake up in bed together, and quickly find themselves locked in the room. They attempt to piece together what happened on The Haunted Star, and how they ended up in the room.  Luke figures whoever came for them was getting retribution for Helena’s death.  Laura worries about Ethan, but Luke is sure he made it out okay. Luke is more concerned for Dante and Lulu.  

Laura looks out the window and recognizes her surroundings.  She informs Luke they are on Cassadine Island in the room where Stavros kept her prisoner. She gave birth to Nikolas in the room, as well. Luke doesn’t know who could have done this, since Mikkos, Helena, Stavros and Stefan are all dead.  Luke finds an invitation to dinner, along with formal wear for the evening.  

Liz and Alexis sit by Nikolas’ bedside, and tell him all about the Nurse’s Ball.  Liz feels Nik squeeze her hand, and Nikolas wakes up.  Liz asks if he knows the year, and who she is. Nikolas utters hello to both Liz and Alexis. 

Liz asks if Nikolas remembers what happened before he was shot. She quickly reminds Nik that he was in Port Charles to tell Laura something about Lulu.  Nik says Lulu is in danger.  Alexis explains Lulu has been taken, and they think it was Helena’s doing. She mentions Luke, Laura and Dante have gone off in search of Lulu. Nikolas reveals Helena isn’t the one who has Lulu. 

AJ and Duke are waiting for Michael, so they can discuss the next step with ELQ.  The two discuss the Nurse's Ball, and AJ admits things are going well with Liz. However, she seems very wrapped up with Nikolas at the moment. In turn, Duke admits he’s not sure how to have a future with Anna.

Michael apologizes to Brenda about Carly, and worries about what happened between them.  Brenda reassures Michael he has nothing to be ashamed of, and he didn’t take advantage of her.  Michael doesn’t remember what happened, but mentions he’s late for a meeting with AJ.  Brenda advises him not to worry about what happened, and declares she can handle Carly.  

Carly screams at her manager to call security and have Brenda thrown out.  Scotty and Bobbie arrive, and Carly updates them on the Brenda and Michael situation. Carly believes Sonny is going to kill Brenda when he finds out, and decides to call him. Bobbie stops her, because killing Brenda would hurt both Sonny and Michael.  Scotty reminds Carly that Michael is an adult, who makes his own decisions. He also doesn't think she would want to jeopardize her relationship with him in any way.  Bobbie warns Carly not to do anything she’ll regret. 

Michael shows up at the mansion, and apologizes to AJ for being late.  AJ notices he’s in last night’s clothes, and asks what happened.  Michael confesses he spent the night with Brenda. 

Brenda finds Carly, and gives her Michael’s tie. She rubs it in that Michael left it in her bed.  

A dressed to the nines Luke and Laura are led down to a dining room. Luke wonders what any of this has to do with Lulu. 

Liz tries to get Nikolas to calm down, but he insists Helena doesn’t care about Lulu. He reveals his father has her.  

Luke and Laura turn to see exactly who kidnapped them, and are shocked to see Stavros.