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One Life to Live's Tuc Watkins: "David Vickers is The Best Character I’ve Ever Gotten to Play"


He's b-a-a-a-c-k! One of the most insanely-funny soap characters ever—David Vickers Buchanan—will be front and center when One Life to Live returns April 29. I caught up with Tuc Watkins during a recent visit to the Connecticut set of OLTL, where he dished about the scene-stealing toy boy he plays so well.

What exactly will Watkins' alter ego be up to in fictional Llanview, Pennsylvania? Could David find himself caught in the middle, as his wife, Senator Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) goes to war with his pal Viki (Erika Slezak)? Not if he's careful!

What made the in demand primetime star of such hits as Desperate Housewives decide to sign up for the online version of OLTL? His answer will warm the heart of every diehard soap fan. 

Daytime Confidential: How excited are you to be back at One Life to Live?

TucWatkins: I really didn’t think that we were going to have a revival. It’s very exciting, and what surprised me is it’s not very much different. I thought it would be different when we shot it. It’s all very similar. I don’t think that the viewers will bombarded with too much new stuff. They will have the stuff they liked in the past, moving into the future.

DC: Has the adjustment from television to the Internet been hard?

Watkins: When we started shooting it, knowing it was going to be for Internet outlets, they don’t really do it differently. It was actually kind of exciting knowing it was going to be a new platform, because this kind of television viewing is the way of the future. It’s fun being part of it.

DC: For years you've moved effortlessly back and forth between daytime and primetime roles. What made you decide to reprise David Vickers Buchanan for the web?

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Watkins: David Vickers is the best character I’ve ever gotten to play, and coming back was the most easiest choice to make.

DC: When we last saw David, he was juggling his acting career and the possibility of being the First Gentleman. What direction will the end of Dorian's political career send him in? 

Watkins: David didn’t go to Washington with Dorian. He stayed behind to hold down the fort and continue his reality show, so he has been going around Llanview trying to convince people to be part of his reality show. Regardless of what happens to Dorian’s career in Washington, David just wants her to be closer to him at all times.

DC: David has long been close to Viki. Will it be hard for him to choose sides, as his wife and her mortal enemy go to war yet again?

Watkins: Well, I think David doesn’t really think of Viki as Dorian’s mortal enemy. David thinks of Viki as his best friend,so he enjoys spending time with Viki, but he also knows he has to keep it on the down low from Dorian, because he doesn’t want to be caught in the middle of a sticky situation.

DC: One Life to Live fans love David's relationship with his Pa, Bo Buchanan. What's it like to be working with Bob Woods again?

Watkins: Bob and I have jumped into our relationship, where I love and adore my “Pa”, and he has to figure out a way to love and support his knuckleheaded son, David.

DC:  You had such easy chemistry with Eddie Alderson, who played David's little brother Matthew on the ABC Daytime version of One Life to Live. What's it like working with Robert Gorrie?

Watkins: I haven’t done a lot with Robert on camera yet. We spend a lot of time hanging out behind the scenes ,while we’re all getting to know one another. He seems like a great guy. I’m sure that while it will be a different chemistry, it will be a great chemistry nonetheless.

DC: Matthew and Destiny are rumored to be dealing with much more adult themes when One Life to Live returns on April 29. Will David be there to try to guide his kid brother?

Watkins: Absolutely! David will attempt to guide his brother in an ethical and moral way, which is almost impossible for David to do.