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SHOCKER: Robert Kelker Kelly Brings Stavros Cassadine Back From The Dead on General Hospital!


General Hospital pulled off one doozy of a surprise at the end of today's episode. Stavros Cassadine, the maniacal son of the late Mikkos (John Colicos) and Helena (Constance Towers) is alive, well and once again being played by the best looking man to ever star on a daytime soap, Robert Kelker Kelly!

TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan got the exclusive scoop from head writer Ron Carlivati. Here's an excerpt:

TV Guide Magazine: Stavros, eh? Another brilliantly kept secret!

Carlivati: We really wanted to revive the Spencer-Cassadine feud in a big, surprising way for the 50th anniversary. It's been Luke versus Helena for so long that we needed an additional twist, and since Stavros was never found in that bottomless pit, we don't know what really happened. [Laughs] For all we know, he went all the way through and ended up in China! It seemed so fitting to bring him back, since he had that relationship with Laura and is the father of her son, Nikolas. That's still such a sticking point for Luke.

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Were you as stunned as we were to see Stavros at the end of today's show? Sound off in the comments!