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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke and Laura are shocked to see Stavros, alive and well.  Luke grabs a knife and holds it to Stavros’ throat, but Laura quickly reminds him they need to find Lulu.  Stavros promises to explain everything to them.

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Alexis thinks Nikolas is confused when he informs them Stavros has Lulu. However, Nikolas tells Alexis and Elizabeth exactly what's going on.  When Nikolas helped Robert with the Faison mess, Helena was angry with Nikolas for interfering in her plan. She deemed him untrustworthy.  Nikolas soon realized his grandmother was up to something, and decided to play along and regain her trust.  

AJ is pleasantly shocked to hear Michael slept with supermodel Brenda, but asks about Starr.  Michael tells him about Starr’s break-up phone call, and explains Jax left Brenda.  AJ wants the honor of telling Sonny, but Michael feels he should tell his father himself.  

Michael tells AJ he was drunk, and a very understanding Brenda showed up. Michael admits he doesn’t remember having sex with Brenda, and mentions Carly finding out.  AJ is beyond thrilled to hear this, and knows Carly’s head must have exploded.  AJ becomes concerned about Michael’s drinking, reminding him of the family history of alcoholism.  Michael swears he won’t be drinking any time soon.   

Carly’s upset with Brenda for going after Michael.  Brenda reminds her again Michael is a grown man.  Carly mentions a girlfriend, but Brenda tells her Starr called and dumped Michael. Carly accuses her of taking advantage of a vulnerable Michael.  The two get into a fight, which is broken up by security.  

Carly admits she told Jax the truth about Brenda, because Brenda would have been Joss' stepmother.  Brenda reiterates that Michael is not a child, but Carly says Brenda was family to Michael. She feels Brenda abused her position of trust, and crossed a line. Carly threatens to call and tell Sonny everything.  

Brenda asks Carly not to tell Sonny.  Carly points out Sonny puts his women into two categories, whores and angels. She wonders how Sonny will react when he finds out what Brenda did.  Carly decides she won’t tell Sonny, because he and Michael don't need anymore stress right now due to Dante and Lulu's disappearance. However, Carly is sure Sonny will find out anyway. 

Olivia and Sonny stop by Dante’s apartment.  Olivia has a vision of Dante saying he couldn’t save “her”, and worries something happened to Lulu.  She snaps out of it, and finds herself actually hugging an officer. The officer leaves, and Olivia tells Sonny she needs a distraction from everything. She asks him about Brenda and Carly, so Sonny tells her about Brenda’s engagement and Carly overhearing.  Sonny admits Brenda started the fight at the Nurse's Ball, but he knows she won’t be happy with Jax.  Olivia asks if Sonny is in love with Brenda, and what that means for Kate.  Sonny reassures her he won’t be abandoning Kate, because he loves her.  

Nikolas continues his tale about Stavros' return from the dead. One day, he found Helena in her lab and saw Stavros recovering from his injuries.  Helena explained Stavros barely survived the fall in the pit, and she had been working to save him for a long time. She wanted to bring him back to his old self.  

Nikolas explains how he found his father looking at a photo of Lulu, and thought it was Laura.  Nikolas went to Helena with his concerns, but she only wanted the best for Stavros. She felt he wasn’t improving, despite her telling him about Spencer or visiting the German doctor.  Helena says they were in Turkey at the same time Lulu and Dante were getting Luke out of the prison. She reveals when Stavros saw Lulu, he lit up.

Helena claimed she tried to convince Stavros that Lulu wasn’t Laura, but Stavros wasn’t interested in hearing it. Nikolas then showed Stavros a photo of Laura and Lulu together, and asked his father let go of his new obsession.  Stavros agreed, but when Nik turned his back, Stavros knocked him out and took off.  

After Nik came to, he called Lucky to warn him and Helena overheard. She decided she couldn’t trust him again.  She went to Ireland to get to Lucky, but found Ethan instead. Helena grabbed him to use as a diversion. 

Nikolas tells Alexis that Stavros is convinced he’s in love with Lulu, which makes Dante a rival, whom he’ll likely eliminate.  Nikolas worries what his father has planned for Lulu.

At the compound, Stavros angrily declares he would never harm Laura, but she’s still upset.  He hoped they’d be a family again, so Laura says she’ll do what he wants. She vows stay with him willingly, if he lets Lulu go.  Stavros has already accepted that she will never return his affections, and moved on to someone else.  Laura and Luke realize he’s talking about Lulu.

Stavros explains he mistook Lulu for Laura when he first saw her, and then decided to court her by sending her the Ice Princess.  Stavros was also the one who knocked out Dante, and grabbed Lulu in the apartment. 

Laura is shocked to realize Stavros was the one who had Nikolas shot.  Stavros is angry with Luke for shooting Helena, but says he’s taking care of her.  He tells Luke and Laura that both Helena and Lulu have been put on ice.  

Dante finds himself on the Cassadine compound, and manages to overtake some guards to gain access into the lab.  He finds Helena lying on the gurney, and then spots another room.  When he looks inside, he sees Lulu on ice.