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Head Writer Reveals Who's Sticking Around Port Charles After #GH50!

Hopefully Laura Spencer (Genie Francis), Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) didn't book round trip tickets to Port Charles, because they aren't going anywhere! As for Bobbie Spencer, R.N. (Jackie Zeman), our favorite nightingale will soon exit PC, but could return.


TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan got the deets from General Hospital scribe Ron Carlivati, who also revealed Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) will stick around through the end of the Michael/Brenda/Carly/Sonny arc. Carlivati also shared who else he had on his wish list, including John Stamos (ex-Blackie). Said Carlivati:

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There has been a long series of miscommunications with John. I asked to have him at the ball — along with Demi Moore, Ricky Martin and a hugely ridiculous wish list — but then reality set in. We heard back that John was unavailable or uninterested. Then came word that he was indeed interested but at that point the Nurses Ball had been written. We tried to write in a cameo that had him in one episode of the ball, but it was never as simple as just having him play the drums. John said he wanted to do something more, something where he could really act, so I came up with an arc that had his character, Blackie, getting out of Pentonville Prison and having to adjust to life on the outside. But, at that point, John seemed to be committed to a lot of other projects so it's dead, at least for now. But I still have hope it will happen. We plan to keep celebrating our 50th anniversary all year and there are many more returns in the works. It certainly ain't over!

Yeah well, until Casey The Alien beams down to reveal he's in a committed, interspecies/intergalactic relationship with Richard Simmons, #GH50 is in-com-plete in my book!