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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Laura demands to know Lulu's whereabouts. Stavros informs Laura his Ice Princess is safe.  He admits Lulu was as stubborn as her mother, and needed to be cooled down. Laura pleads with Stavros that if he ever loved her, he should take her to Lulu. 

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Dante tries to get into the ice chamber, but is unable to gain access.  He picks up a tank and starts hitting the panel to open the door. Unfortunately, he sets off an alarm as well.  

Nikolas tells Alexis that Helena’s lab is in the basement of the compound.  Alexis decides to leave and update Anna on the latest about Stavros.  After she leaves, Nikolas complains to Liz that all of this is his fault, but Liz assures Nik he did all he could to stop Helena.  He’s also sorry for hurting Lucky, and Liz feels the same way.

Nikolas admits Lulu fixed his relationship with Lucky, and they even met up once in Ireland. However, they never spoke about Liz and the kids for fear of revisiting the pain.  Liz tells Nik she and Lucky never found their way back to each other. She's still unsure of why he left.   

Sonny and Olivia visit Anna for an update on the Spencer clan and Dante.  Anna informs them the WSB satellite resources reported three bodies were thrown overboard the Haunted Star, and Dante was possibly one of them.  She hopes there is a mistake, but Olivia takes the news hard.  

Mac and Maxie discuss Frisco leaving, and Maxie assures him that she doesn’t need Frisco. She knows Mac is her real father, and wouldn’t trade him for anyone. Mac feels proud he had the privilege of raising three wonderful girls.  He tells Maxie he and Felicia are getting married, and Maxie is thrilled. She can't wait to plan the wedding. 

Maxie’s glad to have something positive to focus on, and then wonders what will happen to the baby if Lulu and Dante don’t return?  Mac believes the grandparents would decide custody of the child. He points out Maxie signed a contract that gives her no rights to the baby.  Maxie is fine with giving the baby up, but only to Lulu and Dante.   

Monica shows AJ a photo of him and Liz from the Nurse's Ball, and asks about their relationship.  AJ admits they’ve only had one date, and have feelings for one another. However, he feels there's no need to rush things.  Monica wants him to make his feelings clear, because Liz hasn’t left Nikolas’ side.  AJ understands Liz's relationship with Nik, and isn’t concerned.  

Sonny tries to reassure Olivia that Dante will get through this, and come back to them. Olivia tells him a story about Dante as a child, and Sonny is certain Dante will return. 

Alexis informs Anna that Stavros is alive and has Lulu. She gives her a brief back-story of the Cassadine’s.  Anna gets a call from the WSB that one of the satellite images reveals Helena as one of the deceased. Alexis doesn’t believe it, since Helena is too evil to die.  Anna mentions Ethan getting pulled onto a cruise ship. She plans on questioning him soon.  She also tells Alexis that Dante, Luke and Laura have been spotted on Cassadine Island.  

Alexis goes back to Nikolas and gives him the update.  Liz is thrilled, and tells Nik he has nothing to worry about, because Lulu will be saved.  Nikolas thanks her for being with him through this difficult time.  The two hug, as AJ arrives and sees the embrace. 

Anna tells Olivia and Sonny about Stavros being the kidnapper, and Dante being alive. She’s glad she could give them good news, because she’d hate to lose such a good officer as Dante.  Anna calls Mac and gives him the news.  Mac assures Maxie that Lante will return to claim their baby.  

Stavros hears the alarm ringing, and runs down to the lab.  He warns Dante to stay away, but Dante demands to know what was done to Lulu.  Stavros yells he’s preserving Lulu.  Luke hits Stavros on the head, and they use his fingerprint to open the door.  Dante, Luke and Laura hover over Lulu and try to warm her up.  Stavros comes to, and yells for them to leave his Ice Princess alone. However, they leave the chamber and lock Stavros inside. 

The three worry about Lulu’s lack of a pulse.  Dante swears he won’t let her die.  Both Luke and Laura shout at Stavros that he killed their daughter.  Laura activates the ice chamber, while Stavros shrieks at her to stop.